Xdebug outdated after last update

After yesterday update xdebug is outdated. I get this:

Xdebug requires Zend Engine API version 320151012.
The Zend Engine API version 320160303 which is installed, is newer.

I believe package desktop/xdebug should be updated to latest version. Should I create a ticket for this?


If you’d be so kind and if you’ve not been beaten to it, yes please.
It might help mentioning that there have been five updates upstream since December, outdated is a bit of an understatement.

What makes me wonder though is the “after yesterday’s update” bit…I can’t imagine it to’ve downgraded any package five versions, posting (part of) your /var/log/pacman.log would give a bit more insight and might help solve this mystery.

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Yesterday PHP was updated from 7.0.15-1 to 7.1.7-1, var/log/pacman.log line:

[2017-10-06 00:42] [ALPM] upgraded php (7.0.15-1 -> 7.1.7-1)

According to xdebug wizard we need to update xdebug from 2.5.0 to 2.5.4 to be compatible:

Tailored Installation Instructions


Xdebug installed: no
Server API: Command Line Interface
Windows: no
Zend Server: no
PHP Version: 7.1.7
Zend API nr: 320160303
PHP API nr: 20160303
Debug Build: no
Thread Safe Build: no
Configuration File Path: /etc/php
Configuration File: /etc/php/php.ini
Extensions directory: /usr/lib/php/modules

Download xdebug-2.5.4.tgz

I’m getting a timeout when trying to reach the bugtracker.

Can you file a bugreport about that? :grin:
Seriously now, perhaps @totte can help with that.

I uploaded a new version to [desktop], should be fixed now.


Please see the #help:faq entry regarding website issues.

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