With last update kontact reports KIOExec error


(Frank) #1

With the last update to 18.04.1-1 kontact popup a error-notification for a KIOExec error.
The shown message starts with “file not found:” and the rest seems to be the xml- file of kontacts welcome text.

Starting in the console shows following reports:
(sorry: with LC_ALL=C kontact does not start in case)

[user@pc ~]$ kontact
[0617/135332.384466:WARNING:stack_trace_posix.cc(699)] Failed to open file: /tmp/.glwZ9jWB (deleted)
  Error: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden (file not found)
[0617/135332.384524:WARNING:stack_trace_posix.cc(699)] Failed to open file: /home/frank/#48758800 (deleted)
  Error: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden (file not found)

Clearing the configuration of kontact did not bring any improvement. Likewise, the error occurs with a newly created user.

Does anyone know me advice?

Thanks Frank

(Neofytos Kolokotronis) #2

Hey, as no one responded so far, I suggest taking this upstream to at least learn if it is something in our packaging or in the code. Make sure to check on KDE’s bugtracker first for any related reports.

(tomaggio) #3

I can confirm this issue on 3 Machines after the last update to 18.04.1-1

(Luca Giambonini) #4

Should be fixed with the version in [testing] 18.04.2
I had the same problem prior the testing update.

(Frank) #5

Thanks Luca

Since it is more of a nuisance and everything else works, I wait this time until the package is in the official repro.

Unfortunately, I am currently very busy and dependent on a functioning system. - If no one else can be found to test the function of the package, please address again.

(Luca Giambonini) #6

yeah exactly, the error should not prevent the use of kontact. Testing will be moved to stable very soon.

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