Wi-Fi via cloned Mac address

Please help! Can’t connect to the access point Wi-Fi via cloned Mac address. Here are two of the event log and screenshoots. In the first connection successfully. In the second I have included the option cloned Mac address and was unable to connect to the same point.

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journalctl01.txt (17.8 KB) journalctl02.txt (25.0 KB)

it fails for this reason:

ноя 22 15:28:35 evtixis2016 NetworkManager[394]: <info>  [1574425715.5453] device (wlp2s0): supplicant interface state: associating -> associated
ноя 22 15:28:45 evtixis2016 plasmashell[592]: plasma-nm: Wireless scan on "wlp2s0" failed: "Scanning not allowed while unavailable or activating"
ноя 22 15:28:45 evtixis2016 wpa_supplicant[479]: wlp2s0: Authentication with 02:0e:35:1c:88:4f timed out.

please filter you journal for errors and networkmanager related because its uncomfortable to search in the files.

#filter for errors:
journalctl -p err
#for nm related
journalctl | grep NetworkManager
journalctl | grep plasma-nm
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Thank you for your attention and help. Forgive me for the journals! Here I have prepared a new files. But this time I do not been able to connect to the point. Very confused and don’t know what to do.journalctl -p err.txt (26.2 KB) journalctl | grep NetworkManager.txt|attachment (125.1 KB) journalctl | grep plasma-nm.txt|attachment (63.1 KB) journalctl | grep wpa_supplicant.txt|attachment (26.5 KB)

@ndrmkrff ego te absolvo^^

i could not see a hint in your log files maybe can find a other more…

i would work a round and do the wpa_supplicant configuration manual https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/WPA_Supplicant#Connecting_with_wpa_cli

Thank You Tom.
Here new event logs.Maybe they will give more data.
The course of events: to 15:00 was successful connection with access point without cloning mac
Next I was torn connection.
After 15:00 I cloning mac address and failed to establish a connection

journalctl -p err 26-11.txt (4.1 KB) journalctl | grep NetworkManager26-11.txt|attachment (40.4 KB) journalctl | grep plasma-nm26-11.txt|attachment (19.7 KB) journalctl | grep wpa_supplicant26-11.txt|attachment (13.3 KB)

this is your problem, a authentication error:

ноя 26 15:06:25 evtixis2016 wpa_supplicant[489]: wlp2s0: CTRL-EVENT-SSID-TEMP-DISABLED id=0 ssid="gixsbpm" auth_failures=2 duration=20 reason=CONN_FAILED

unfortunately is this a rather old thread and i don’t know if google had for me a translation from english to german done but i will translate some solution for you.

Ich habe das Problem gelöst, indem ich nur die letzten 3 Oktette geändert habe. Ändern Sie beispielsweise nur “DD: EE: FF” von “AA: BB: CC: DD: EE: FF”.

solution: change the last three octet from "DD: EE: FF" from "AA: BB: CC: DD: EE: FF".


#before systemd 
sudo service network-manager stop
sudo ifconfig wlan0 down
sudo ifconfig wlan0 hw ether AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF up
sudo service network-manager start
#should work with systemd
sudo systemctl stop networkmanager 
sudo ifconfig wlp2s0 down
sudo ifconfig wlp2s0 hw ether AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF up
sudo systemctl start networkmanager

Thank You Tom.
I visited the link-page. There interesting recipes.
The Chakra not the first linux which I tried. At least have three linux distributions of was not such problems with the connection to the access point. So there is a problem somehow solved.
Left only to see the path how to do it in the Chakra.

i would copy the configuration files and use it with chakra

ok, I’ll try.
But I don’t know at all which configuration files I need to copy.
Tell me if you can

configuration files resits in /etc/networkmanager and all files in this folder
sudo cp -R /etc/networkmanager /yourChakra/etc