Why will Pacman be replaced with a new package manager?


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Why will pacman be replaced with a new package manager?

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There’s nothing wrong with pacman, or any other package manager (e.g. apt, etc.). Each distribution uses the package manager which is the best option to suit its needs - and pacman lacks some features Chakra needs. Akabei will be the Chakra package manager. It will provide both a CLI frontend (like pacman) and a GUI frontend.

The package manager we need is to be:

  • Fast - especially when loading/querying packages and repositories
  • Suited for GUI applications:
    • Heavily threaded
    • Uses policykit
  • KISS package format

Since we are a distribution which started as an installer for Arch Linux, we liked the package format very much. It’s very easy to create packages - and the tools for that are already available. So the plan was to build a package manager on top of this format.

Obviously we tried to use libalpm for this. The last effort was using a heavily threaded wrapper library for it, it worked out for a bit, but eventually was too unstable and broke too often due to changes made in libalpm. We grew frustrated with that. The other thing which was wrong with using libalpm was its speed. It uses a filesystem database, which does have really poor loading times etc. It’s very KISS, but not suited for a desktop system or e.g. a GUI wanting to show all packages that are available.

libalpm did not fit our needs, so we tried to make it better. As we are a fully KDE-focused distribution we could even base this package manager on top of Qt, which would help us with the threading, e.g. customizing certain tasks for the number of cores found in your CPU.

If you are interested in testing Akabei, see this tutorial:

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