Why should I use a mirror rather than rsync.chakralinux.org?


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Why should I use a mirror rather than the origin for downloading releases and packages?

Plasma 5.11.2 now available in Chakra
Plasma 5.11.2 已經可用
Plasma 5.11.4、Applications 17.08.3、linux 4.13.11 與其他重要的 [core] 軟體包更新已經可用
Plasma 5.11.1、Applications 17.08.2 與 Frameworks 5.39.0 已經可用
Plasma 5.11.1, Applications 17.08.2 and Frameworks 5.39 by KDE now available in Chakra
KDE Plasma 5.11.1, Applications 17.08.2 e Frameworks 5.39 disponibili su Chakra
Plasma 5.11.4, Applications 17.08.3, Linux 4.13.11 e altri aggiornamenti del repository [core]
Plasma 5.11.4, Applications 17.08.3, Linux 4.13.11 and other important updates of [core] package groups are now available
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The origin is the “upstream” server to which all packages are uploaded by the @team once they have been built. A number of mirrors spread out across the world use rsync to copy the repositories on it on a daily basis. It is preferable that all users use a mirror to get their packages from rather than the origin, for four reasons:

  1. If everyone uses the origin we may hit the bandwidth cap.
  2. If noone uses the mirrors, it is possible that those who provide the mirrors will notice that and deem Chakra to be of low interest in general, thus not worth maintaining a mirror for.
  3. If you are far away from Germany where the server is located you may experience slow speeds when downloading data.
  4. There is a scenario that could cause issues, as packages could be moved by mistake. If you use the origin, it means that you immediately get these updates if you happen to update your system shortly after the move. Using some other mirror means there is a time period between when something is moved and when users receive it - giving the packagers the time to revert any wrongdoing. This of course happens rarely, but it has occurred in the past causing issues to users, so one needs to be aware of it.

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