Which version of Anydesk should I install on Chakra?

I wonder which Anydesk version should I download from

I tried “generic linux”, .rpm or .deb but I am not sure what step or command to launch afterward to install it.
Maybe there is a more “official” package already compiled for Chakra ?

Hi ruben,

I see the package is available on CCR, and even though it’s at the latest version, it is currently unmaintained.

You can try to install it using $ chaser install anydesk.

When an application is available on CCR, installing it from there usually guarantees best compatibility with your Chakra system.
If you check the PKGBUILD specifically, you can see what version the original contributor uses under ‘source=’.

Even more, you could adopt the package and update the PKGBUILD following this guide:

If you face any issues or have further questions, feel free to ask here and we will be glad to help.

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Thank you very much ! All that info is very precious.
Anydesk works like a charm after installing it with the chaser command !

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