When will version 5.12 of KDE Plasma be available in the repositories?


(Anton Somora) #1

Can we expect it soon? Looks like a lot of bugs was fixed, improved stability and speed. So i am curious :wink:


(Rémy Epke) #2

Don’t do that.

As with everything, it will be released when ready. If something is seriously outdated, use the bugtracker. This has been said a thousand times before, do some bloody searching before asking questions.

(Neofytos Kolokotronis) #3


we are at the moment working on packaging Plasma 5.12.0 which was just released, together with the newest Frameworks and Applications releases.

Plasma in Chakra rolls, so we ship most releases as soon as possible, unless another package group is in the middle. For example at the moment we are working on an upgrade of the GCC group of packages, and new packages will have to be rebuilt against this.

Have in mind that since the first and second bugfix releases of Plasma come so quickly (1st and 2nd week after the 0 release), we usually do not ship major releases to stable, and prefer to wait for the bugfix updates.

(Anton Somora) #4

i did Search results for '5.12' - Chakra's Community, no info about 5.12 on this forum

so i am very sorry i bother with such obvious nonsense, one more time mea culpa, maybe i just misunderstood invitation from chakralinux site:

where our community comes together to receive news from the contributors, get and give help, as well as join the discussion about our distribution

(Rémy Epke) #5

Try searching for “how to report outdated packages”. Searching for the new version number is obviously pointless :roll_eyes:

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