What is the use of [unstable] repositories?


(Bobby Rong) #1

This is an up-to-date mirror, it seems that most packages in [unstable] are older than those in [desktop].
Now we use [testing] to store packages that need testing, then what about [unstable]?

(Jeff Huang) #2

Well, we packaged some softwares’ unstable version in [unstable] in the past, and for [testing] we usallly upload some stable version but still requires testing before they hit stable repo.

(brli) #3

IIRC, I was the last person who played in [unstable]

It was long ago from the last package/update in that repo.

The main purpose of this repo is to apply some other distro-specific patches that isn’t upstreamed or VCS packages that provide new feature/fix but also new bugs.

Due to recently more and more dynamic release cycle and prosperous development of FOSS, the release version catches up with development VCS-based version easily. So, we mainly use [testing] repo instead nowadays, so as to reach more testers in the field.

So, we’ll see what we would do about that then.

(totte) #4

Are [unstable] and [kde-unstable] actively used at all, or could they be removed? Alternatively, I’d like to build the Plasma beta versions and only keep those in [unstable] (to avoid clutter).

(Jeff Huang) #5

Should ask @brli for [unstable] and @AlmAck for [kde-unstable]

(system) automatically bumped #6

(brli) #7

Hi, I’ve cleaned up [unstable], feel free to pour beta version of plasma/kf5/friends to it.