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The Chakra™ /ˈtʃʌkrə/ operating system is a part-rolling GNU/Linux distribution that offers:

  • The Chakra™ live media - a bootable installation of the Chakra™ operating system that can be run from a USB flash drive or DVD, which also serves as the installer. Once installed, there is no need to reinstall - simply update your system to stay current!
  • Rolling updates of Frameworks, Plasma, and Applications by KDE.
  • Periodical (non-rolling) updates of Linux, systemd, Qt, and other packages in the [core] repository.
  • Optimized packages for desktops and laptops - our user base includes casual users, enthusiasts, developers, gamers, small businesses, and school labs.

Our community favour Qt and KDE software, as well as simplicity. Simplicity is about being easy-to-understand, clearly structured, and uncluttered. This makes for a more stable operating system, that in turn is easier to maintain. As a trade-off, packages that require GNOME and other GTK+ dependencies are not included, with the exceptions of select software in the [gtk] repository, for which there are no suitable replacements.

Our history

In June 2006, our community initiated the #kdemod packaging project to produce a lightweight and modular version of the KDE Software Compilation, due to dissatisfaction with the version distributed by Arch Linux.

In December 2008, the first alpha Chakra™ live media release was made, with #archlinux, #kdemod, and #tribe on it, borrowing the name from traditional Indian medicine and suggesting the idea of continual motion.

In February 2010, then-leader Jan Mette suggested a full split from Arch Linux to create an independent GNU/Linux distribution, which the @team agreed with.

In May 2010, the first release of the Chakra™ operating system was made.

In December 2010, KDEmod was finally succeeded by Chakra.

To get started, download the latest release and learn how to install Chakra! Do say hello and introduce yourself, and browse our FAQ for quick answers to questions you might have!

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Chakra 2018.12 "Hawking" RC1 released