webpage checksums

Hi, I just downloaded Chakra, and from two different mirrors, France and Germany, the sha1sums were the same, but differed from that listed on the website.

Sha1sum I got was : efcb88820a29e810a50f531019ce74055640747c

Sha1sum on webpage : 9d86f81f87e192d56ccf48d2e6d982b6d3f92f3b

I'm guessing its not been updated to the new version. It would be nice to see a sha256sum, if possible.


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Just tried with the ISOs for 2017.10-goedel (terribly outdated, btw) on both French mirrors and the German one, and can confirm what James says. I’ve also tested their MD5s as well and they’re the same for all three but different from the one stated on the site, so the same problem as with the SHA1.

James, you might want to file a bugreport.