Unplanned downtime of bugtracker.chakralinux.org, forum.chakralinux.org, and wiki.chakralinux.org

As of around 2017-07-06T11:44Z it appears that the data center in which the server hosting the following websites suffered an outage and has yet to come back online:

There is no further information at this point.

Update, 2017-07-08T10:02Z

Still no new information, and no response to the ticket submitted. I’ve looked into three different, possible solutions to host these websites but I am unable to carry out a move until July 16, at earliest. There is very little activity in Chakra right now - but that’s the way it is during summer so there is nothing to be alarmed about. I apologize for the inconvenience and assure you that the three websites will be brought back online as soon as I am able to.

Update, 2017-07-18T15:21Z

I got a reply from the hosting provider regarding bugtracker., forum., and wiki. - they are looking into it. Sadly, about a week of data was lost due to network issues. I’ll prepare a new server elsewhere for them while waiting to see if they can restore the original sites in a timely manner. If not, I’ll restore to the new server with the old backups and some loss of data.

Update, 2017-07-23T16:37Z

No news from the hosting provider, the ticket was closed as I got the previous reply from them. I don’t think I’ll get the data or money back, so I figure it’s time to cut my losses and move on. A new server has been set up, and so far it’s looking good. With some help from Fastly engineers it is now safely tucked away behind their CDN service, and as far as I can tell all the TLS certificates between the origin and them, and between them and our visitors, are all good.

Update, 2017-07-23T18:29Z

bugtracker.chakralinux.org and forum.chakralinux.org are tentatively back up, wiki.chakralinux.org isn’t. I had some issues with external dependencies and thus disabled the wiki for the time being. Since all of these websites are behind a CDN now to reduce load on the origin server, there will be cached content, and not everything may work smoothly at once. I’ll revisit the configuration in three days when I’m back home to adjust it accordingly.

Update, 2017-08-03T10:52Z

wiki.chakralinux.org is back online too. I tried logging in and logging out, and it appears to work. Unfortunately I have no more time right now to test it further. I do know that forum.chakralinux.org has a CSRF mismatch upon logging out sometimes, I’ll look into it. Thank you for your patience.

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