Unable to install pkgbrowser from the CCR

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pkgbrowser runs nicely in Chakra. Since it it absolutely essential, why is it not yet an official package ?

without pkgbrowser one has next to no overview over one’s packs, which is very bad.

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There is both pacman and octopi which provide an overview of installed and available packages.

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(Ma Baker) #3

… but with very poor and sparse features ! pkgbrowser comes to the rescue !

a true lifesaver ! how can any Arch Derivate distro ship without it ?

make ; sudo make install

and you’re good to go !

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(Luca Giambonini) #5

$ chaser install pkgbrowser

That’s it :yum:

(Ma Baker) #6

on Gödel-beta (which I am testing right now), that’s not it.

Error: database not found.

manual install works much smoother.

(totte) #7

I have no idea what you are doing, or what that is supposed to mean. If you need help, please see this and post in #help.

(Ma Baker) #8

chaser install pkgbrowser
resolving dependencies…
Downloading pkgbrowser
Downloading python3-pyqt5
Unable to open the tar file. Either the package does not exist in CCR or it is malformed: file could not be opened successfully
Package not found: python3-pyqt5


on Gödel-beta:
passwords: live , root

sudo pacman -Sy
sudo pacman -S python3-pyqt5
chaser install pkgbrowser
–> make: pyrcc5: command not found

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I interpret that as you wanting this topic to be moved to #help as you are having a technical issue. Please read the link in my previous post and provide the information asked for to troubleshoot.

Partial upgrades are not supported in Chakra, nor in Arch Linux.

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(Ma Baker) #11

pkgbrowser displays AUR instead of CCR, but is still very useful to the point of being essential.

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