Udev: fragile handling of uevent actions breaks with kernel 4.12+, can't connect to Android phone through Dophin

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Not sure if this appropiate, but this bug really bugs me (sorry about the pun) I have a problem connecting to my Android phone thru Dolphin. This is documented here https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=387454 Is there anything you can do now to get this working, or should I just wait until KDE.

Latest status of the testing repository [20 May 2018 - 14 June 2018]
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Split from here since you don’t appear to be using the [testing] repository, and the issue doesn’t appear to have been introduced with systemd-238.76-1 or linux-4.16.6-2 - but earlier (thus not relevant to the original topic or the current contents of [testing]).

Please see the below topic for information on how to report broken packages:

I have reported this on your behalf, continue here:

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