U.S. mirrors out of sync

I don’t know if it’s just coincidence, but of the 3 U.S. mirrors, two have not synced since August 9th, and one has a status of “Connection timeout”. Perhaps there was service interruption and their policy was to give up after a certain amount of time?

Also, could we put a link to the mirror status page someone prominent? Maybe I’m just being a dumb-ass and missing it, but as far as I can tell you just have to know about it from past threads or have come across it in the FAQ (and it’s only in the FAQ somewhat obliquely, like in the answer to a question about mirror-check).


Good point, either I’m just as blind as Eric or it’s indeed not there (or at least not prominent enough), though it’s not reflected in the post title and is deserving of its own post in #meta.

I received an e-mail last week about this, and have contacted the mirror providers. The Delimiter mirror has been removed from the mirror status page since it’s been offline for at least a month. RIT’s mirror is synchronising again as I’m writing this.

As of today RIT is up to date, but http://mirror.dacentec.com/chakra/ is still showing last sync of Aug 9.

Yes, unfortunately I’ve gotten no response from Dacentec regarding this. Unless there is any particular reason not to, I’ll remove the mirror from the list this week. That leaves us with only a single mirror in North America, and two in South America. I’ll reach out to a handful of potential providers and see what happens.

The mirror has been removed from the list due to remaining unsynchronized despite a reply from their customer support indicating that their mirror administrator(s) will be notified. A rebuild of core/pacman-mirrorlist is pending.

Updating this reply as of 2018-12-15. The last release of Chakra to date was made on 2017-09-08.

On 2017-09-24, the Dacentec mirror was removed from our mirror list due to remaining unsynchronized for an extended period of time, as noted above.

This means that new installations may have the unsynchronized Dacentec mirror at the top of their /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist:

Server = http://mirror.dacentec.com/chakra/$repo/x86_64

If you do, remove it from your list and use a different mirror, followed by running pacman -Syu to synchronize and upgrade your system.

View the mirror status page to learn the current status of all known mirrors.

Further reading:

On 2018-12-23 I set this as a global notice on this website:

Did you install Chakra recently and can’t get the latest updates? Read this before posting!

It should be displayed in a light blue rectangle at the top of every page, to inform any new users of the issue. The global notice will be removed upon the next #release.

As of 2019-02-17, the global notice set on community.chakralinux.org is now the following to inform users of this issue:

Did you install Chakra recently and/or can't get any updates dated later than December 2017, leaving you stuck with e.g. Linux 4.13.11 and Plasma 5.11.4? Read <a href="https://community.chakralinux.org/t/u-s-mirrors-out-of-sync/6488/5?u=totte">this</a> before posting - manual intervention is needed!

We are currently experiencing issues when logging in to this website. See <a href="https://code.chakralinux.org/websites/www.chakralinux.org/issues/19">this report</a> for more information.

Please see the following two issues for more information:


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