The most exotic hardware to run Chakra :)

I’m an electrical engineer (mostly working on embedded area), so i had the opportunity to test out Chakra on this unusual x86/64 system. This is an evaluation kit for an Intel Smarc modul (Pentium N4200, 8GB ram).

For my surprise, it works perfectly and smoothly! :slight_smile:


It’s the SMARC-sXAL (E2), I presume? Here’s a Wikipedia article on SMARC, for those who are interested:

Can you provide an example of what you’d use this for? I find the abundance of options in embedded systems overwhelming! There are already so many system-on-chips available, and then the computer-on-modules take it even further…

Yes, that’s that SMARC modul. So this “pc” is a testbed for the Apollo lake platform. It has an old looking bios, but with insane ammount of options.

I can’t realy go into details, but we are building tablet pc’s from scratch for very specific industrial areas. These pc’s do run Android or Windows, but there may be a Linux version at some point in the future. We are in the middle of finding the right platform for an upgraded version of the tablet with stronger hw. But Intel’s recent manufacturing problems affects even these modules, so it’s hard to choose the right one.

If we choose one and Intel decides some time later to stop manufacturing it, then we screewed. :slight_smile:

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what a joy to see this kind of pictures! I’m also a electronic engineer and I’m passionate to embedded and microcontroller boards. When I see such thinks it makes me smile :smiley:

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There will be more pictures like this, we are designeing our own version of this board, for prototype testing. :slight_smile: