Switching to Gitlab for our code hosting, issue tracking and development discussions

Season’s greetings everyone,

We are excited to announce that a big milestone for Chakra was recently achieved as our self-hosted Gitlab instance is now open for everyone to use. :gift:

Special thanks and kudos to @totte for all the hard work he put into this. Switching from an infrastructure that has served us for 10 years now and was split among different pages and software definitely wasn’t easy.

Konqis by KDE under CC BY-SA

In Gitlab, we all get to use a modern and actively maintained FOSS software solution that unifies several of Chakra’s services. There’s now a single entry point for hosting code, tracking issues, milestones and feature requests, as well as development discussions. Registering and logging in also gets easier as you can use preexisting accounts from Bitbucket, GitHub or GitLab.

Please report problems with packages in the specific repository that holds the related application or library and issues or requests on development in the specific section of the tool:

You can find more technical details and information on all the changes on this thread.


Great news! Especially that I am using gitlab for my own projects and I like it a lot. Recently, there has been a lot of doubts about FOSS-ness of Gitlab since it has received huge financial support from Google. What do you think about it?

I also use Gitlab Pages to host my personal website and am very happy with it so far.

I don’t see any issue with Google supporting Gitlab (got any link to that btw?). Google is a KDE Patron as well. :wink: From my understanding, the Community Edition remains FOSS (MIT License). So as long as they keep it like this, it should be OK.

I think they’re referring to the following: https://about.gitlab.com/2017/10/09/gitlab-raises-20-million-to-complete-devops/

What will happen to all the unclosed bugs on bugtracker.chakralinux.org? Will they get ported automatically, should I reenter the bug that I have open (and is still open), or will the dev use both site for a while?

Thanks and congratulations.

Hmm, I knew about that, but didn’t know they and how were connected to Google.

Good question! We are aware of the pending bugs on the old bugtracker. Some of them are long standing and perhaps obsolete, but many are still relevant. I suggested that we should tackle them in an upcoming in-person meeting, but it seems it will be postponed for now so I was thinking just today that we should arrange an IRC meeting (maybe more than one are if needed) to work on them (assign, close, import to gitlab). We will keep you updated.

Yes, this is it. There was a lot of criticism in the social media and I was not sure why because gitlab didn’t announce changing any rules.

So do I. I post things for my students using their service. It’s easier to edit txt files and just push than to login and edit in wordpress or other similar engines.

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