Suggestions about CCR

Hi, I bring some suggestions, but first I tell you that the links on the CCR website do not work, they are:

User Guidelinesand
Trusted User Guidelines
packaging standards

Suggestions / ideas:

1)_ Merge the concept “Contributor” and “Maintainer” into one:
Currently there are contributors who disappeared a long time ago, do not participate in anything and maintain the credits.
This would make it more fair for the maintainer and motivate more users to participate.

2)_ Rule for abandonment of packages:
The idea is to establish a period of time since the package was marked as outdated by some user, so that once that time has elapsed and if it was not modified during it, then automatically be converted to abandoned so that another user can adopt it and update it.
This would save the administrator’s job, help keep the packages updated, and avoid creating duplicates with another name.

3)_ Add button “Remove package” for logged-in users.
When you click on it you should request a reason, and then, what you really do is send a message to the administrator so you can analyze it (it’s totte?).
In case the applicant is the creator of it, then it should be deleted without too many questions.
In case the applicant is not the creator, then that grounds the reasons for them to be analyzed by the administrator (possibly duplicate packages or that have changed their name).
This would simplify the management of ccr and reduce the database. For example, many times I see abandoned packages that do not work and I do not notify them because it is laborious to have to send mails (in another language that is not mine).

As I always say, I use google translator … :sweat_smile:

Hi @Gm30, and thanks for the suggestions.

This has been reported here.

Where is “contributor” used in the CCR? Only the original submitter and the current maintainer is listed for any given entry.

The workload for me is negligible, but feel free to create a new issue outlining this feature request.

How can I delete a CCR entry?

Same here - the workload for me is negligible, but feel free to create a new issue outlining this feature request. Feedback is appreciated, but when it is already as detailed and specific as yours, it is better to put it in the issue tracker for the CCR.


Sorry, I did not know the Code site.
I tried to register but I get this error:

1 error prohibited this user from being saved:
Email domain is not authorized for sign-up

Either way, I will not continue with that, it’s too much work to give 3 suggestions.
You can delete this post. :upside_down_face:


Duly noted. Sorry to hear that. There’s already a topic on how our GitLab website could be made easier to use here, and I hope that the work already done, as well as the work underway, will be well received.

The text displayed when signing in to an existing account or registering a new account explains why you can’t use that particular e-mail domain, and how to proceed.

I’ll close the topic, but leave it be, should anyone else feel like reporting these feature requests on your behalf.