Stuck on "Started Network Manager Script..." at boot after update


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Hello there.
Just updated chakra and my system won’t boot.

I’m stuck at Started Network Manager Script Dispatcher Service and it won’t go any further.

What further info can I provide to help you help me?
Thanks :slight_smile: !

I tried using load_modules=off from grub. Now it gets stuck at Reached target Graphical Interface
Used to run catalyst drivers if I can recall correctly. Running on AMD anyway

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Hello and welcome @torels!

Please make use of the default template for #help when posting here. You’ll find it in the category description as well, along with some helpful advice.

Since this appears to have happened recently, did you have a look at this post made in #news not long ago?

What GPU do you have? In addition to the information in the template, can you provide your /var/log/Xorg.0.log file as well?

A wild guess is that you would need to follow these instructions, since you mentioned using Catalyst earlier, which is no longer available:

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I suggesto to boot in recovery mode and once entered as admin run startx to see the errors.
You can also debug with journalctrl -b and scroll through the log.

Do you have a /etx/X11/xorg.conf file? try to rename it and start again.

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Thanks for the help.
Sorry for not using the template, I will pay attention to that in the future.

@AlmAck It won’t boot in recovery mode if not by appending a ‘3’ to the boot line of recovery mode. Don’t ask why, found that on a support forum. Planning on educating myself a bit more on grub after this :confused:. Anyway: it boots in tty but it does not take any keybd input, so I can’t startx or anything like that. Any suggestions?

@ totte I did read those entries, but a bit too late I guess :frowning:
Can I access /var/log/Xorg.0.log from the grub console? I have no access to the OS at the moment

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Download the latest release, put it on a flash drive, boot it and chroot into your now broken (no offense) system to extract log files and possibly apply the aforementioned steps.

systemd-nspawn is way cooler, but I haven’t used it myself just yet, so don’t take my word for it.

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Log files are shown to be empty (using cat)
Xorg.conf is non-existent, but I do have an xorg.conf.d. Shall I rename that?
Followed commands on the catalyst-specific page but nothing changed. Still stuck on “Started Network Manager Script” and the screen starts flickering.
If I do manage to get to tty by editing the grub line the keyboard won’t work.

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