Spell check Dutch can't seem to work

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I have installed the necessary hunspell libs, the aspell libs are installed too; with hunspell there are no options for dutch.

System config is configured with dutch and english, only english works in programs installed.

Within firefox I did what was necessary to have it on dutch, however after installing dutch dictionary still nothing. Also it seems that firefox on chakra is running behind the current release - I got a warning that it was out of date when installing dutch language pack.
LibreOffice got no luck either with spelling dutch…

It is really annoying actually, because this has worked in the past… spell check for dutch in all programs.

Can anybody help?! I really don’t know what additional info I could put here; when necessary I will.

Thanks in advance!

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Just to be sure, what is the output of pacman -Qs dutch on your system?

Did you by any chance try if spelling works with any other language, other than Dutch or English?

(tom) #3

the same with drama with german

[tom@donar ~]$ pacman -Qs german
local/hunspell-de 20151222-1
    German hunspell dictionaries
local/libreoffice-de 6.1.3-1
    German language pack for LibreOffice
(Gerard) #4

Hi there,

Sorry I couldn’t come back earlier here…

The output of pacman -Qs dutch is as follows:

pacman -Qs dutch
local/aspell-nl 0.50.2-2
Dutch dictionary for aspell
local/firefox-i18n-nl 57.0.1-1
Dutch language pack for Firefox
local/kde-l10n-nl 17.08.3-1 (kde-uninstall kde-l10n)
Dutch localization for KDE
local/libreoffice-nl 5.4.3-1
Dutch language pack for LibreOffice

I have all different kinds of flavours for English from Australia to South Africa, which do all work for spelling across all applications.

As far as Firefox goes, am I correct that spelling here is apart from hunspell/ispell/aspell… Mozilla’s pages on this are hardly helpful, since the English pages are just straight translated with screenshots in English

In addition I have tried arch forums too for a solution but couldn’t find one, that’s when I decided to ask here… and even when it’s in AUR, it’s not usable in Chakra

It’s actually only spelling, the whole system and application’s ui’s are all Dutch.

I am just a little flabbergasted here… I just noticed it after a reinstall of Chakra (for which I use the 2017.03-goedel ISO… the newest won’t give a bootable system for me)

I so seriously hope I am overlooking something, I feel kinda stupid for asking since I have solved more complicated stuff…

(Gerard) #5

Thanks… I think something might be broken, it isn’t the first time that the KDE system is the culprit… unfortunately my debugging skills for this are second to none…

Did you have problems with this always, or did it work there too before? At least it did in Firefox… and I have both the language files and the dictionary installed…

(tom) #6

i am using palmoon and waterfox and it works properly but not with LO and kate.

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It doesn’t matter anymore… I think Chakra is pretty broken… Used it for three years, had to reinstall after major updates that broke it…

Now this… have been trying to login for the last 40 minutes…

Had to fix backups, because the current version (which is not the latest) of backintime doesn’t work properly, it cannot even restore without a fix in a py script (which i didn’t try but was suggested somewhere…)

I am done with Chakra… it was nice for the time it lasted, and I mean that… too bad I have to ditch it now!

I will look into palmoon and waterfox, maybe it’s of use later…

Thanks for the replies!

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It seems libreoffice does not support dutch spell check as of now… :frowning_face:

Workarounds don’t seem to exist (anymore)… For now I will do it the oldschool way - with my own brain… lol

I consider the matter solved though there is no real solution.

PS: Anyone having problems with this in their own language, just look through the extensions on the libreoffice site for the dictionary of your choice…

Had to come back one more time… I have a solution… Hesitating at first, I installed the dictionary from openoffice, though outdated it seems to work just fine. A workaround, but pretty easy and above all functional! :+1: :sunglasses:

PS: Can’t find the option to edit the title to solved, is this removed?

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See the fourth header in the category description:

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(tom) #11

i was able to solve this problem by complete remove LO and new install.

(Gerard) #12


Thanks… not my first goto possible solution, but tried it anyway - removed config in home too, and also restart my pc just to be sure…
It didn’t work out for me unfortunately…

After some more extensive searching I only found a library on github which was outdated, as was the library provided by OpenOffice.

Somewhere tucked away on the website of the Dutch foundation Opentaal I found a newer version, though again only one for OO… this one I installed which seems to work flawlessly.

I can see now that it can work out of the box for any language that has a hunspell dictionary provided in the repositories, whether it’d be from Chakra or e.g. Github…

For now I will remain with the solution found earlier, from a different source (opentaal.org/bestanden) with a newer librarary which dates from late 2016 - which is good enough for a spellcheck I think…

(tom) #13

pity, i removed everything except base and base-devel group and set up a lean and clean chakra after reboot, reinstall LO and the spellchecker was working as i expect.

(Gerard) #14

basically that’s what I always did with any distro I used in the past… a couple of weeks ago I had to reinstall Chakra, I stripped it, and installed all the software I really use with most of the optional deps too…
(it was because of the not up to date mirror, me gotten lazy with maintenance, system breaking down, etc… you’ve read about it :wink: )
That may count as the clean install you were talking about…

Luckily LO and OO are quite compatible still at least as far as the dutch spell check extension goes…
Since the other solution didn’t work, it might be the closest to, if not most valid solution for now…

In the near future, Hawking will be released, and I will install it then as my new tusty OS like I had for the past three years… I will see what happens then and maybe this workaround has to be used, we’ll see…
Untill then, I have a working solution… :sunglasses:

(edit: PS: I will find the proper place to maybe put a request to include the dutch hunspell in the repository…)

How do I remove all packages except for the ones in the `base` and `base-devel` groups?
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