Setting up Proprietary Nvidia Driver with Hybrid Laptop

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I recently purchased a Lenovo Y520, but have been having difficulties installing the proprietary Nvidia driver with the hybrid setup, and not having used hybrid setup on Linux, I have no idea where to start.

Some notes:

  • Installing Chakra in non-free mode installs Nouveau, which isn’t that big of a deal so long as I can switch to the proprietary driver
  • Xorg runs on Nouveau rather than the integrated Intel driver (according to the loading text which appears before booting into SDDM), not sure if this is intended or an issue I will need to resolve
  • Bios is pretty limited, so while I can disable some features, such as SecureBoot or the discrete GPU, I am unable to disable the integrated GPU
  • I have the option to return this laptop and repurchase it with a Radeon GPU, and I am considering this solution since AMD have endorsed the open source Raedon driver, which would make configuration so much easier than with the Nvidia blob

I have tried installing nvidia, removing xf86-video-nouveau, and running nvidia-xconfig, however, upon booting into the system, SDDM will not load, remaining stuck on tty1, without any indication of error.

It gets worse too, where with some instances of my configuration attempts, the screen flickers rapidly between tty1 and tty7, where tty7 is just a dash at the top left corner of the screen. Installing bumblebee does not improve this either, and can make it worse.

I suspect the issue is with nvidia-xconfig, and I would need to configure Xorg manually to use the Intel GPU and Bumblebee.

So this question is pretty broad, and has some issues which could possibly be troubleshooting individually, however…
How do I install Nvidia drivers on a hybrid system without breaking everything?

Thank you :+1:

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To make sure nothing you already did interferes, I would suggest installing from scratch with the free drivers. This should only install the intel drivers, as the nvidia card is not detected. Then follow the instructions on our Bumblebee wiki and let us know how it went.

I purchased my laptop with hybrid 6 years ago and am afraid not much has improved since, even though Bumblebee is working fine with it. I nowadays use PRIME (as linked in the wiki above), as I do not make much use of the graphics card anw and am fine with just using intel. Unfortunately every manufacturer ships with their own implementation of ‘hybrid’ and this complicates things a lot for FOSS developers. I sure hope what AMD is doing helps in the long term.

Good luck :slight_smile:

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Thank your for the help.

I can actually boot into my system now. Installing with free drivers still installs Nouveau, but that doesn’t matter too much, I can just uninstall it, and the proprietary driver doesn’t load unless nvidia-xconfig is run.

optirun works great, however, primusrun does not work:

primus: fatal: failed to load any of the libraries: /usr/lib/nvidia/
/usr/lib/nvidia/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
/usr/lib32/nvidia/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I think this has to do with the switch to libglvnd :thinking:

Anyways, thank you again, I’m just happy I can use my laptop now

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For primus run, check this workaround:

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