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Let this thread be the thread for showing off your desktop setup.

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Simple setup:

  • Arc theme (I love papirus-icons in the systray)
  • Papirus-icons-theme obviously
  • Latte Dock, a bit smaller than Chakra layout
  • Wallpaper from Péhä, a french foss artist

I came back to Heritage, just replaced the original icons folder with materia’s to have systray icons like papirus.

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On my old Toshiba Portegue M750

  • Plasma Theme: Dowlas
  • Colour: Cloud White
  • Icons: Zafiro light
  • Cursors: Capitaine Cursors

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(The screenshot is taken on 5, Feb)

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Old KDE user here :slight_smile: - I like the classic KDE layout :wink:

-Blue Sora theme
-Breeze icons
-Arcadia Bay (Life is Strange) images as background, changing after 1 minute.

gif rulez! - btw gif conversion did reduced the quality of the images. They are much prettier in their original form. :slight_smile:

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Using the chakra default configuration on a 4k monitor, what else? :rofl:

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