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(Heikki Pesonen) #25

I am a 83 old grandpa living with two dogs on an island on the Gulf of Finland. My
hobby is to install Linux distributions in old and new computers. At
this moment I have three living distributions with the following
desktops: Cinnamon, Gnome, And also Chakra KDE.

I had some problems to use Chakra. QupZilla chrases and for some reason I could not install Firefox.
Octopi did not do that and with Pacman:

[ukki@makkari ~]$ sudo pacman -U firefox
loading packages…
error: ‘firefox’: could not find or read package
[ukki@makkari ~]$ sudo pacman -U chromium
loading packages…
error: ‘chromium’: could not find or read package
[ukki@makkari ~]$ sudo pacman -Q chromium
error: package ‘chromium’ was not found
[ukki@makkari ~]$ sudo pacman -Q chrome
error: package ‘chrome’ was not found
[ukki@makkari ~]$ sudo pacman -U firefox-i18n-en-gb
[sudo] password for ukki:
loading packages…
error: ‘firefox-i18n-en-gb’: could not find or read package
[ukki@makkari ~]$
The Linux I installed was from chakra-2017.10-goedel-x86_64.iso Which
I recently loaded. This pc has a new motherboard from Ass Rock and the
processor is Intels. I have updated Chakra (pacman -Syu).

To live without any internetexplorer were hopeless. There are some explorers workin in terminal but I did not remember there names, was probably something like links, but that even did not start.

But all these problems disappeared when I installed the same Chackra again! Now I have yhe Firefox and all seems to be well!
oIt was a bit difficult to find this
forum and I even do not find the method to write my questions to the

(Neofytos Kolokotronis) #26

Welcome aboard @fossiili! Adding :finland: to our flag collection. :smiley:

I see you already got a response by @totte in a private message regarding your problems.

Please try to report any issues in the #help category. It’s always better to start a separate thread for each issue.

I would really recommend going through our Beginners Guide, especially Chapter 7 on Managing Packages.

We are here if you need further help.

(Scarlet Olive) #27

Hello everyone
I am Stas, i am live in Ukraine for now.
Found chakra on KDE official web site had to use every single distro with plasma in this or over way. now i just want to give it a chance, i want to know, how many people are manteiners of Chakra?

(Neofytos Kolokotronis) #29

Hello Stas,

You can see the number of current team members on our contributors webpage and on the team’s forum group. Not everyone is active at any given moment so these might be slightly outdated, but they should give you a good estimate. Out of interest, may I ask why this is important to you?

(Scarlet Olive) #30

Yeap, its important for me because the qulliaty of distro depends on mantainers. I just installed Chakra on my PC, after “sudo pacman -Syu” it stopped to boot graphical way, i uninstalled nouveau installed nvidia via terminal, now it works, i want to check if the install process via playonlinux in theese distro good, I used to have an Arch on my pc with plasma but i had problems with installing of smthng even with all dependencies, some of windows just did not shown during process and i stucked. The only one reason of Leaving Arch with Plasma. Hope it going to be well here, bcz here is bundles for GTK

(Neofytos Kolokotronis) #31

Welcome aboard then. :smiley: Bundles for GTK were dropped years ago, you can install these apps the same way as the rest of packages via pacman or octopi. If you have more questions, feel free to ask under #discussion or #help.

(Camden Stensland) #32

Hey folks! :wave:
I’m Camden and go by the handle Xernicus.

I grew up and live in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, and I work as an IT Manager.

I’ve been using Linux since 2004, when I picked up a copy of RH 7.3 Pro for like 10 bucks. I used Red Hat/Fedora Linux until around 2014, when I decided it was too bleeding-edge for my tastes. I distro-hopped for awhile until a friend of mine who works at an e-cycler told me about Chakra, after he heard about my preference for KDE-- and I’ve been using it since.

I tend to run Linux on my laptops (both personal and work), and Windows on my desktop for software and gaming compatibility reasons.

I actually used to have a forum account, but I hadn’t logged in for 3 or so months and found my account pruned and brand new forum software. Anyways, I hope to be more active in the future, help some users out a bit and I’m looking forward to what’s to come for Chakra! Hope you all are well. :grin:


(Fireshadow 3) #33

Hello everyone!
I’m Alessandro, but call me Fireshadow3. I come from Italy, and I’m a student which in about a year will become a developer.
How I use Chakra? Oh well, everything. Blender, Libreoffice, Netbeans, Gimp, Kdenlive, Inkscape, I have a lot of hobbies on my Chakra installation!
I first knew about Chakra by googling about 2 years ago. I was looking for a rolling release system with a KDE-based philosophy (something like Arch but without its problems, if you get me), and Chakra was perfect :slight_smile: . My experience with Linux isn’t that big, I distro-hopped a large variety of Distros, and made my home here. About FOSS, I can’t contribute that much to projects, even if I would like to, but when I’ll finish school I’ll be able to contribute to open-source software, and hell yeah if I’ll get fun :star_struck:.
It’s awesome to read your other experiences guys, I would have never expected to have people like doctors, linguists, soldiers and all sort of people from all around the world!

(Neofytos Kolokotronis) #34

Welcome to both! I seem to recall @Xernicus from the old forum, nice to see you around again! And glad to learn more about you also @Fireshadow3. :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope you all enjoy Chakra. We are a small team, but if there is anything we can do to improve your experience do let us know.

(tbof) #35

Hi friends, this is Davide form Italy.

I’m back to Chakra (and to Linux) after 3-4 years, hoping to find what I was missing in these years: freedom, choice, privacy and fun!

(Herdé) #36

Hello, new french on the chakra forum, I just started on this OS. I come from the Debian world and I hope to learn a lot with your help.
See you soon


(Hugo Beltran de Heredia Llamazares) #37

Hey there!

My name is Hugo and I studied physics in Oviedo (Asturias, North of :es:) where I lived until last year. Right not I’m travelling for an undetermined period of time around :india:, :nepal: and :taiwan:. The thing I do that resembles more to a job is playing music (busking, restaurants, …). I use the rest of my time for reading, writing and conlanging (the latter being my newest hobbie).

I started using Chakra recommended by @iyanmv in the last years of my bachelors and I stayed with it afterwards, it feels comfortable and newbie-friendly. I have very nice experiences getting questions answered and I really appreciate the patience of contributors in my last unsolved issue.

I’m not much of an “esoteric” person (somehow skeptical?), but is pretty fun to see how people here in India react when the booting screen says “Chakra”.

It feels good to be part of this.
Thank you all!

(Nuno Santos) #38

I’m Nuno. I was born and raised in Lisbon, where I attended Law School.

I installed Chakra in my laptop last week. Well in my oldest laptop (C2D T5500 1.6Ghz). Originaly this laptop had 512mb Ram. I upgraded it to 1 Gb right after I bought it (about 10 years ago). It had Windows XP but I started installing Linux’s distros in 2011 (Ubuntu was my first with Unity).

I had a number of them CrunchBang, Debian, SolydX, Mint, CentOS, Q4OS just to name the most durable versions.

I had Chakra in a Virtual Machine and I found it very nice to work with but never went further than that. Lately I made some little upgrades to this old (but reliable) laptop and added 3 more Gb of Ram (although it only recognizes 3Gb of Ram, without changing my Bios firmware) and a brand new SSD. So I had started to test some distros also because I need to install a linux distro in my wife’s desktop (which has 2Gb of Ram) and I wanted somethig light that wouldn’t buckle with that amount of RAM. At the office I use Linux Mint XFCE mainly because the computer only has 2Gb of RAM (I had Mate but it turns out that it has become a memory hog, unlike in it’s original debut). I made some tests and, surprisingly, Chakra only took 310Mb of RAM when I turned on the pc. So I decided I would give it a run on my laptop before deciding to install a linux distro in my wife’s desktop (tried Endless OS and MX Linux).

Professionaly I use Windows in another laptop. Oh and Mint, like I said before, but only in the past 4 months or so. I always had doubts about going linux all the way when it comes to professional use of a computer. Mainly because I would lose absolute compatibility between Word and Excel docs when dealing with other people.

Mint has been a good experience. Recently I was cleaning the cache (by copying cli commands) and wiped all my files. Don’t know how I did it but it happened. I had installed Timeshift and it restored everything flawlessly.

In Chakra what I like the most is the responsiveness and the solid feel of everything. Still i find it a bit more complicated than Debian based distros. But I like the concept of half-rolling but don’t know how reliable it is (I tried Linux Mint Debian Edition but it broke after a few months and tried Sabayon and things didn’t work out for me). Just like I enjoy Elementary or Solus but somehow I tend to prefer Chakra. Heard about KaOS but never tried.

But I’m still finding my way in Chakra’s. For example, Bomi doesn’t work. It says that it needs a more recent version of OpenGL. So I went the other way around and installed VLC (an old acquaintance) “et voilà!” life got easy again.

I’m trying to find a distro that I can use in my daily life either personal or professional. I still use WIndows to play Football Manager, once in a while, but never tried to install it on any distro linux. So I look forward to see how things will be with Chakra.

(tom) #39

i would update the system by “pacman -Syu” this would solve this problem.

(Nuno Santos) #40

Hello Tom. Thank you for your suggestion. I’ve done that but I still get the same message.

"Error: OpenGL version is too low. bomi requires OpenGL 2.1 or higher.

Failed to check OpenGL support.
It may help to update driver of graphic card."

(tom) #41

to solve this problem open a thread please because bomi works with hardware acceleration for me and there is something wrong with your system

(Void) #44


I’ve been using this distro for about a year. It’s really great, and incredibly consistent, even when sometimes it feels like a subset of Arch.
I’ve installed it when I had the second child, as I needed something stable and reliable, now when I have so little time. It fulfills that role.
Great job!

(Sascha Schroeder) #45

hi,from germany got chakra since 2015 i think.
using it mostly for js rpi espruino arduino music and web things :laughing:

(Justin Berthault) #46

Hi there,

I’m Justin aka Bridouz, a french guy who loves using Linux.

I already used Chakra back in 2015-2016. At that time I changed because Plasma was not yet mature and usable to me. Three years after I reinstalled Plasma and was stunned by the amount of progress KDE managed to do.

Plasma is now fully matured, everything just work and Ksoftwares are easy to use.

So here I am, I’ve just switched from Solus (truly worthy distribution) to Chakra for a community driven KDE-centric distribution with a semi-rolling model that suits my needs.

Hope I will be able to share and take part in the Chakraverse.

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