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(Hans Tovetjärn) #1

Hi there, new user, and welcome! Please, tell us about yourself! It’s not mandatory - so feel free to skip any questions if you like.

  • Who are you?
  • Where do you live?
  • What do you do for a living?
  • How do you use Chakra?
  • How did you find out about Chakra?
  • What are you previous experiences with Linux, GNU, KDE and FLOSS in general?

My name is Hans Tovetjärn and I go by the nickname “totte”.

I grew up and live in the northern part of Sweden - having access and living near vast forests and the mountain range means a lot to me.

I used to work in software development, but after a change of heart about two years ago I decided to go back to school and pursue a degree in mathematics instead. It felt like a more natural choice to me and I find the subject in general to be more straightforward.

I installed Chakra on my laptop about five years ago, and mostly use it for software development - C++ and Python, primarily.

I believe that I found out about Chakra early on, but until around 2011 or 2012 I didn’t fully appreciate the primary principles found in Qt and KDE, so in the summer of 2012 (if my memory serves me right) I transitioned from Arch Linux to Chakra.

My previous experiences with GNU/Linux has in general been a positive one. Earlier I used Mac OS X, but due to difficulties in installing and maintaining certain GNU and Apache software I started using virtual private servers with FreeBSD and Debian. From there I eventually made the leap to using it on my desktop and laptops as well.

Epson l565 printer wont work on chakra
(Agame) #3

Hi, my name is Pierre, I live in France.
I work as a primary care physician (family doctor).
I use chakra as my main OS on my own computers and those of my family.

I learned about chakra 6 or 7 years ago, as I wanted to switch to KDE as my DE. I tried several distros and chakra was oddly the one that supported my laptop the best AND the one that was fast AND the simplest one to configure (Arch was fast and support was perfect but it was a pain in the a** to configure and maintain ; opensuse did not work well with my laptop).
Since then I sometimes tried other distros because of some minor but annoying bugs in chakra, or because I needed a software that was not available. But everytime I come back to Chakra because of something I miss. I try to donate every year at least a little amount, as I do not have much time nor skills to create or maintain packages.

I use GNU/Linux distros since 2005, when I bought my first computer, a dell Latitude L400. I used Ubuntu then Zenwalk for several years, then Debian Sid and then Chakra. I tried some other distros but not for more than a few days.

I know how to use Terminal basically, configure from the /etc files. I once knew how to write small #bash programs but forgot a long time ago !

(Neofytos Kolokotronis) #4

Hello from me as well!

My name is Neofytos, I come from Cyprus but am currently living in the Netherlands.

I studied medicine (cheers @agame :wink: ) for several years in Greece and even though I attended all my clinical classes I never finished the degree. I started a Psychology degree in parallel which am about to complete, but in the meantime I became very interested in Community Management and am nowadays pursuing that as a profession.

I discovered Chakra back in the KDEmod days (nearly 10 years ago) when it was still a set of modular packages provided on top of Arch. I started contributing as a translator for Greek, then doing some documentation, packaging some simple apps and I guess one thing led to another. I do not code, but through the years I think I must have contributed from all possible positions. :blush: Am nowadays focused mostly on Community Management for the project.

In addition to Chakra am also actively involved in other FOSS and opendata projects. I am a passionate advocate of free culture, digital rights and open government. I enjoy a good book, a nice meal, traveling and above all good company!

Looking forward to learning more about the people in the Chakra community!

(iyanmv) #5

Hi everyone! This new page is so great, looks so modern!

My name is Iyán Méndez Veiga and you’ll find me on the Internet with the nickname iyanmv.

I’m from Oviedo, a small city in the North of Spain and the capital of a region called Asturias. One of the most beautiful places in Spain (specially for those who love mountains and green forests).

I’m 23 years old and I have just finished the BSc in Physics. Nowadays I’m working in ArcelorMittal, a steel manufacturing corporation, in a small R&D team focused on Big Data and Deep Learning technologies.

I started using GNU/Linux when I was 13 after a really bad experience with Windows Vista. I first tried Ubuntu as an alternative for Windows although I didn’t really know anything about free software. I started reading a lot and ended up reading books about Free Software and the Debian community. I spent months with Fedora after discovering a great community (it was called Fedora Blogger Network) with whom I could write a small book about this distro with tutorials and tips. During those months I discovered KDE (first the environment, and later the awesome community) and I started looking for more KDE specific distros. I used Arch Linux for two years before discovering Chakra Linux.

Now I don’t have a lot of free time and I don’t use the computer that much at home (after work I just want to read, play the violin and relax…) but I will be around this community :wink:

See you around! Go Chakra!

(Cyril Brosch) #6

I’m Cyril Brosch, I’m German and live in Berlin.
Professionally, I’m a linguist, but languages also rule my private life, as I’m a passionate of the international language Esperanto.
I use Chakra on my home and work computers for all my stuff: work and leisure.
I’ve been using Chakra, since, I don’t know, maybe 2012, when I was searching for a replacement for OpenSuse. I liked the release model, and that everything workes out of the box.
I had been using Suse, with some interruptions (Mandriva…) since about 2001 (I think it was Suse 6.3 then), when I first encountered and fell in love with Linux and KDE. I did also use Windows, but I think at least since 2005 Linux is my only working OS. I just love the control I have, the look & feel (of KDE, I can’t stand how GNOME looks, never used it regularly), the possibilities of tweaking and configuring - my wife (Windows 10) can’t even decide which icons are shown in systray and which are hidden (but she doesn’t bother ;-)). Wherever I go I also install LibreOffice (I don’t like the non-nativeness, but Calligra lacks too many features) and Otter Browser (I had been an Opera user since 3.6 up to 12) first.
That’s all, I think. I’m glad I found Chakra and I thank to all contributors for their hard and wonderful work! Unfortunately I can’t code at all, but I do write bug reports, I also contributed translations from time to time.

(dinolib) #7

Hi guys.

My name is Dino. I come from Milan, Italy.
I’m a Linux user since about 1995 when I started to study engineering. After wandering some year in Linux land, I settled with Ubuntu at first, then migrated to Mint for some years. But dissatisfaction because of not updated packages and some problem with video driver brought me to try some other distros until I get to… Chakra!
First experience with KDE 4 for me. Not so bad. I liked dolphin and system configurability.
But first love was for Chakra half-rolling system, the Arch philosophy (and CCR/AUR availability) and your community (it’s more than 5 years I’m registered in the Italian forum!).

I worked for about 6 years as a consultant for a big company, but about 10 years ago I decided to change my life. Now I lead a (very small) mechanical company, nothing related with computing and linux, but technologically fascinating :slight_smile:
I still use Chakra linux both at home and work in office, trying to involve some friend in this adventure…
What are the tools I use at work?
Libreoffice, thunderbird, chromium, teamviewer, bricscad and… virtualbox (unfortunately I need it for smartcard software and label printer),

In the little free time I have left, I try to help Chakra community in testing and helping other users to solve their issues.

(Facundo Gabriel Adorno) #8


My name is Facundo Gabriel Adorno. I live in Argentina, Buenos Aires. I started to use Chakra Linux since the last 2 years ago, and it became my main distro! In my work, all my partners use some Linux distro, but I am the only using Chakra or some Arch-based distro (I hope that gradually they realize of the goodnesses of Arch/Chakra Linux :yum:). After experimenting Ubuntu, I decided to try something new and different. So my friends recommended me to use Arch, but investigating a while I discovered Chakra and, in a first moment, its KDE/Qt desktop atracted me. I am really newbie in the area of Linux systems administration, but I am learning little by little and think that half-rolling release mode is really great!

With no more words, greetings all!

(Matt Hopper) #9

Hello, My name is Matt, I live in the state of Missouri in the U.S. I am a Medical Laboratory Scientist working at one of our local hospitals. I don’t really do testing any longer since taking a stint through management and then settling down as our LIS specialist… not really an administrator, but more of a project manager/liason between the lab and the actual IT folks.

I have just recently started using Chakra within the past month. I’ve been using linux for the past 8 or 9 years for my personal computing. Mainly at the user level though. I play games when I can find the time and that is my biggest interest as seeing the gaming progress on Linux as I feel that is best platform.

I haven’t really used KDE before, so I’ve a good bit to learn there, have basically been on the Ubuntu, LinuxMint LMDE, path sprinkled with some CrunchBang.

I’m not sure how I found out about Chakra… most likely a distrowatch article or something.

@cyrilbrosch I too am learning Esperanto and enjoy it a lot! However I am still just a beginner and am not able to converse in it yet… still working through Duolingo and

(Cyril Brosch) #10

Tre bone, Matt, en okazo de bezono en vi trovos min kiel “kirilo81”. :slight_smile:

(Jairo Benitez) #11

Hi there!
My name is Jairo, I am from Colombia but since the last 9 years I live in Karlsruhe, Germany.
I am using Linux for 8 years, first I used Ubuntu (I liked Unity), but then I knew KDE 4 and I had the best impression.
I tried Debian with kde but I droped it once I knew Chakra.
Now I only use and try plasma distros. In my Laptop I use Chakra and KDENeon and in my Desktop Maui Linux and Netrunner.
I am an architect and in the Linux world I am only a user, I don’t have a lot of knowledge in development or programing of software.
I like to work with 3D and other design tools like blender gimp and krita.

(Ron Brickle) #12

Gday my name is Ron I am an Australian but I live in Thailand with my partner.I grew up on a farm in Australia worked on the farm when I left school at 14 and a half then went deep sea fishing for a while, then driving trucks,then 2 years army service 1 year Vietnam after that back driving trucks to retirement due to back injury in 1995.then I got my first computer started with windows but migrated to linux red hat that was a learning curve,I have 4 os on this box,manjaro,mx16,chakra and kaos,thats about it

(Jean François Baffier) #15

Hi there, my name is Jeff (pseudo Azzaare), I’m French and live in Japan. I do research and teach Computer Science at University. The key point of my work (outside teaching) is to develop algorithms and software based on my theoretical research.

I plan to use Chakra as a working and development environment. I found about Chakra through a friend.
My previous experiences with Linux (as a work environment) are with Debian and Ubuntu (so debian …). I have been a huge adept of KDE for about 10 years though.

I am totally new to Ark/Chakra, so you wil probably see a lot of questions coming from me. Don’t blame me too much!

(Adrian Iga) #16

Hi, I am Adrian, from Romania.
I am a beginner-to-intermediate Linux user, and I fell in love with Chakra Linux three years ago.
I am a biologist, and I started a business recently.
I found out about Chakra on the internet (I was an Ubuntu user at the time, not really satisfied with that distro).
I use Chakra to accomplish my daily work, but I learn programming too (smallbasic, python, ada).
Thank you!

(Neofytos Kolokotronis) #17

Nice to meet you here everyone!

It’s so great to hear about the experiences of different people using Chakra from so many places around the world, I must have counted more than a dozen countries mentioned already. :earth_americas::earth_africa::earth_asia:

(embrolio) #18

Hello everyone!
My name is Mariano, from Córdoba (Argentina).

I started using Chakra two years ago, I was using Kubuntu but wanted a rolling release distro to get latest Plasma updates and fixes while keeping an stable environment (since I use the laptop to work as a web developer), so chakra was exactly what I needed with the half-rolling release model. It became my main (and only) distro since day 1.

Thanks a lot!

(ugjka) #19

I’m back for some reason and I love it

(Michalina Pacholska) #20

Hi there! :wave:
I looked briefly what others wrote, and I’ve seen lot’s of cool people from around the world!

My name is Michalina Pacholska (and I could be found around the internet as micha7a). I’m Polish, but I live in Switzerland, I’m doing a PhD in computer science (well, kind of, that’s the official title, but it’s more math really, don’t expect me to know anything about operating systems :wink: ). I also try to draw (using Krita). And I talk to much (and use to many brackets).

I was growing up in the home where Mandrake was a OS of choice, so I’m used to Linux and KDE. Some time ago, like 7 years ago I got my first laptop and tried to use other operating systems (this was around the time when Mandrake evolved to Mandriva and was having some problems I think). I was unable to get used to Windows. I used Linux Mint for some time, but I missed KDE. Some time later I found Chakra, I think just by searching for OS with KDE, but I don’t remember really. I use it since, with a small break for macOS at work.

(Chroot Doot ✝) #21

I am from the US, and am a merely a software enthusiast at the moment.

For the past few months, I have been running a Linux From Scratch system, with experimentation into newer technologies such as Flatpak and Appimage. (Before this I ran NixOS, to test out Nix, and it was super cool at first, but after a while became difficult to wrastle)

I do not like the current state of package management in Linux, so I wanted to experiment with running my own distribution. However, now I would like to contribute to a distro, rather than write one from scratch, and Chakra seems like the perfect distro to do so:

  • I love KDE software, and I REALLY dislike what Gnome has done with GTK3.
  • I have wanted to use a half-rolling release system, where the base is solid and regular packages are installed ontop of the stable base, only, I thought about using Gentoo for its OpenRC, rather than Arch and having to deal with Systemd.
  • I want a distro with a clear vision and no conflicts.

So I will be trying out Chakra, once I complete some work on my current setup. Seems beautiful, and pacman is a joy to use.

Oh, and my statement on disliking Linux package management systems, there is no universal medium for users to get software directly from developers.

Using a distros native package manager will never go away, but there is not an easy way for software developers to have their software “trickle-down” into individual distribution systems; providing either the source code, or for a few distributions and have the user figure out the rest, is not intuitive, and there needs to be a standard for downloading software.

Flatpak is interesting, but the technology is not quite there yet, and Appimages are a pain to package for, and do not have the sandboxing capabilities that Flatpak does. The reason Flatpak’s sandboxing is nice are portals, in which the portal API can be easily tied into a GUI for giving permissions to sandboxed software on-demand. Like I said though, it’s not there yet, and will probably be a while.

Whatever gets adopted will be naturally selected by the masses, and as I said, its not a replacement for native package managers. I would like to make a QT software store, similar to Gnome Software, and tie in Appimages and Flatpaks as installation capabilities.

And I didn’t mention Snapcraft, it’s sort of in-between Appimage and Flatpak, but without the benefits of either, making its ultimate outcome in the Linux ecosystem pretty unclear. :confused:

Aside from distro development, I’ve also had thoughts of developing a Wayland compositor and a Game Engine, but both have been “phased out” in favor of other projects, however, I still want to dabble in the creation of a System Compositor with Wayland.

Other programming interests include the Crystal Programing Language, which is a really nice language, but is not, and will never be, as flexible as C++, which makes me :frowning:

(Johannes) #22

Hey there,

my name is Johannes and I live in Vienna, Austria. I have studied computer science and I am currently working as a software developer.

I started using Linux about 15 years ago with Suse, then Debian, before falling in love with Gentoo. Until a few years ago, I was a true Linux enthusiast, constantly trying out new things and taking care as well as tweaking my systems. Then work load continuously increased to more and more hours per week, which eventually made me switch all my productive systems to Ubuntu, just for the sake of simplicity (an honest mistake). It was back then when I slow lost touch with Linux and the FLOSS movement.

Fortunately I have rediscovered my passion for Linux and free software again. I’m currently in the process of upgrading all my running systems. I also got a new Notebook, which lead me directly to Chakra, when I was looking for a KDE focused distribution. I’m typing this after finishing the installation of ‘Goedel’ on a Lenovo Yoga X1 2017 and so far everything works flawlessly. Needless to say it definitely needs some tweaking :wink:

I have never used Chakra nor Arch before, so I’m making my first steps with Pacman et al. I’m looking forward to learning new things. I really like it so far :slight_smile:

Greetings from Vienna,

(Neofytos Kolokotronis) #23

Already counted two more countries :earth_africa:! I have started collecting flags by now (including origin and current place), here’s the list so far:

:sweden: :fr: :cyprus: :netherlands: :es: :de: :it: :argentina: :us: :colombia: :australia: :thailand: :jp: :romania: :poland: :switzerland: :austria:

Nice to read more about the person behind the nick @embrolio. I believe the half-rolling model is a major selling point for Chakra and we should promote it even more.

Happy to see you around again @ugjka, perhaps you want to share some more info on yourself? I’m hoping to get one more flag from you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@micha7a it is interesting that you grew in a house with a Linux based OS already available. I assume most of us here probably had to discover and learn to use GNU/Linux by ourselves.

I love your contributing spirit @ChrootDoot. We are always looking for helping hands, feel free to ping me or any other member of the Chakra team if you want to get more involved. You (and anyone else interested) are also welcome to hang out in our developer channels on IRC and Matrix.

I hope you enjoy Chakra @vulptex! Pacman is a powerful package manager and the Arch Wiki is always a great resource for tips and troubleshooting. You might be interested to read and comment on these threads:

A warm welcome to everybody! I hope to see you around more. :hugs: