Request for lib32-vulkan-icd-loader


(Landrovan) #1

I would like to play some blizzard game (Overwatch) using DXVK and lutris. When installing it, it start by installing the application. When running it, I got an error in vulkan. With checking on the net, it seem I need the 32bits version of vulkan-icd-loader. From, and the fact that this app is 32bits.
The 64bits is in the Chakra repo, but I can not find the 32bits. Should I ask somewhere for an official version, or should I ask for someone to put it in the CCR? There seem to be something in the arch repo, but not the same version as Chakra 64bits vulkan-icd-loader. Can I still try to bring it in Chakra CCR, or will the version mismatch between the two version create problems?


(Francesco Marinucci) #2

Hi @Landrovan,
You can add the package to the CCR, as long as you set pkgver=, the same as vulkan-icd-loader package.
This way there won’t be problems.

(kepszlok) #3

That is a quite important package. It will be added to the lib32 repo?

(Luca Giambonini) #4

I suggest to import it from Arch and add it to CCR. Only if required by any chakra package will be imported in our repository. We can also consider to import it if is a core pkg that is required by multiple applications.

(Landrovan) #5

OK. I try to add it to the ccr. Here is the package on arch: Problem is, they download from github using a commit hash. So changing the version number is not suffisant. On the github page, I can not find the right version (1.0.17). So I tried the nearest one (1.0.21). This version is still very old (more than 2 years). And I have problems compiling because it need, for exemple, spirv. The version do not seem to match. So I try the version of arch and got problems because the Vulkan header are for 1.0.17, so too old (at least I think that is the problem).

I could probably do it by importing a lot of Vulkan packages up-to-date from arch, but I do not got the time for now. For now, I will simply try Overwatch without dxvk.

I hope Chakra maintainer can update the whole of Vulkan in the distro, but I understand that it will take a lot of time and they have others priority.

Thanks everyone.

(Jeff Huang) #6

I have opened an issue related to whole vulkan group.