Repology and ChakraLinux

Repology is a neat project that tracks package versions across OS’s and distro repos.
There is an open ticket to include chakralinux
I volunteer over at FreeCAD, the FOSS parametric CAD/CAM modeler.


Thanks @luzpaz for the initiative! Is there anything we can do from our end to help with this?

Had a false positive with the forum bot thinking I was a spammer. Ok… here is my original reply:

@tetris4 per the repology dev (not able to post the URL since discord robot thinks it’s spam, but is in the repo i posted before):
Is there a way to get the following… ?

A parsable (e.g. JSON), regularly updated dump of all package data (package name, version, and optionally one line summary, maintainer(s), categorie(s), license(s), homepage and download url(s).

There are ways to procure such data. I’d suggest finding out specific requirements as to how the data is to be presented (e.g. an example JSON file), how it is to be accessed (HTTP?), and how frequently a “regular” update is. A good way to continue once those questions are answered, is by finding out how others have resolved this previously, and presenting the various solutions with their pros and cons that an appropriate choice may be made.

Thanks for you reply. Your questions are noted and I’m finding out.

Any ideas would be helpful here

The README suggests that Arch Linux and other distributions that make use of pacman, just like Chakra, are already supported.