Remapping Super key


How do I remap the Super key on Hawking to open the application launcher on the default panel, instead of opening it on Latte?

That’s how it used to be before Hawking, and I’d like to return to that behavior.



just map the shortcut of the application launcher you wish to use to Alt+F1 (and it should call a conflicts on latte’s, you should be able to erase that shortcut from the dialog.)

I tried that, it doesn’t work. Now alt+F1 does open the app launcher, but Super key does nothing.

To be clear, I have removed the Latte dock from startup, as I do not want it.

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OK, I solved it. I had to disable Latte’s own setting of “Press meta to activate application launcher”. Once that was done, super key started launching the app launcher on the default panel.

Mark this as the solution then, please.

By the way, whose insane idea was it to change a working setup to that dock horror? ‘Modernising’ again, are we? :roll_eyes: