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When I want to reboot or shutdown, if i have any page open that has a whitish background, the confirmation layout is not clearly visible. Couldn’t it have a dimmed background so it would be visible regardless of the background colour?

This is no bug but still is a detail of graphic layout that could be improved.

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Are you using the heritage theme or something else?

I can replicate this issue in Virtualbox for a while now, but not on a real system. On my laptop using heritage everything works properly, the background blurs and dims as you suggest. I guess it has something to do with the graphics drivers/settings. Do you have the blur effect enabled? What graphics card, drivers and compositor settings are you using?

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I use Heritage. I freshly installed Chakra, after that thing with bomi, and I didn’t change anything.

The graphic card is a onboard intel 945GM (probably a gma950). The compositor is activated but i don’t find the option to enable the blur effect.

EDIT: It just happens with Heritage theme. I tried Breeze and Breeze Dark and i get the dimmed layout.

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The blur effect can be found under System Settings -> Desktop Behaviour -> Desktop Effects.

I’m not sure what might be different in Heritage compared to the other themes, but I do know some other minor problems exist with heritage for a while now. If your issue persists, please open an issue on our bugtracker so it can be tracked and tackled.

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I don’t see an option for blur but I see an option to dim inactive windows (which wasn’t selected).

I activated this last option and now things work well. However for other themes this options was inactive and the reboot/shutdown screen would be perfectly visible.

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That’s strange indeed. I don’t even have dim inactive windows enabled and it works fine. Perhaps heritage uses another implementation than the other themes?

@AlmAck do you have any idea what might be wrong here?

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Is there any program that I could use to make a video record of my desktop so I could show you this behaviour?

I installed a few other themes and this only happens in heritage.

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Yes, you can install vokoscreen for that.

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