QupZilla is now renamed to Falkon

As of the upgrade from version 2.2.5 to 3.0.0 of QupZilla, it is now officially renamed to Falkon by upstream.

However, as described in the linked announcement, there is no automatic migration of configuration files to handle the change of its name from QupZilla to Falkon. We’ve come up with a one-liner that should accomplish this:

$ cp -r ~/.config/{qupzilla,falkon}; find ~/.config/falkon/ -type f -name settings.ini -exec sed 's,/usr/lib/qupzilla/lib,lib:,g' {} \;
Explanation of commands
$ cp -r ~/.config/{qupzilla,falkon}

cp -r recursively copies the directory $HOME/.config/qupzilla to $HOME/.config/falkon.

$ find ~/.config/falkon/ -type f -name settings.ini -exec sed 's,/usr/lib/qupzilla/lib,lib:,g' {} \;

Find a file in the directory $HOME/.config/falkon, that has the name settings.ini, and execute the sed command to substitute any and all strings that matches /usr/lib/qupzilla/lib with lib: in that file.

QupZilla plugins are located in /usr/lib/qupzilla/, e.g. /usr/lib/qupzilla/libGreaseMonkey.so, while Falkon plugins are located in /usr/lib/qt5/plugins/falkon/, e.g. /usr/lib/qt5/plugins/falkon/GreaseMonkey.so. The latter can therefore be included in the configuration file by the shorter form lib:GreaseMonkey.so, thus the substitution line.


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