QupZilla -> Falkon?

(Isaac A.) #1

So apparently QupZilla has been replaced with Falkon and moved to KDE infastructure, as detailed in the README.md of https://github.com/QupZilla/qupzilla. Any news on when/if this’ll be the new default?

(Francesco Marinucci) #2

I suppose we’ll simply rename the package once the first release with the new name will be published, since the only thing is going to change is the name/branding.

(Rémy Epke) #3

I would love it if this forum stopped turning filenames into URLs.
‘The hell you mean, readme.md is for sale?’

On topic, why? Why is it being renamed?

(Luca Giambonini) #4

qupzilla is our default browser, as soon flakon is released we will replace it.

Why they decided to change name?

(Heikki Pesonen) #5

I have the Chackra 2017.10-Goedel-X86_64 installed. Every time I start QupZilla it “Oops, QupZilla crashed.”. I have had this same experience with QupZilla also with other linux’s than Chackra. So better to replace it soon.

(Hans Tovetjärn) #6

QupZilla is not getting replaced, QupZilla is getting renamed to Falkon.

(Rémy Epke) #7

Feel free to open a new topic in the #help category, do use the template to provide us with your system information (and mind, please put terminal output and such between [code] tags), and try to launch QupZilla from Konsole and paste the error message(s) in your topic.

(system) #8

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