Qt 5.12.1, Plasma 5.15.1, and Pacman 5.1.2 are now available

Also available in Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.
These updates have been tested, and are now available in the stable repositories: [core], [desktop], [lib32], and [gtk]. Most notably, these include:

Most of our mirrors synchronize with the central repositories on the origin server within 24 hours. Use the mirror status web page to see when your mirror of choice last synchronized. Run sudo pacman -Syu to update and upgrade your system. If you have any issues updating or upgrading, reply to this topic with the complete input and output in English, i.e. run LC_ALL=C sudo pacman -Syu.


can anybody confirm, that dragging images from dolphin to libreoffice (6.2) wouldn’t work?
I think, I read anywhere about this problem, but can’t find this information again. Never on the libreoffice bugtracker nor here.
Is a workaround known for that?

I get the red stop icon and can’t drop the picture in Writer. I never attempted this in the past, so not sure if this used to be supported. Are you sure it’s related to this particular update however?

In case somebody else uses paccache (I use it in a hook to remove packages old versions from the pacman cache) after the upgrade I had to install pacman-contrib in order to have paccache available again.

About the drag and drop from Dolphin to Libreoffice I am sure. Because it a function I’m using every day. Till Libreoffice 6.2 it works without problems.

Thank you.
I found the bugrepot and it should work again with LO 6.2.1
More informations: https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=120772


Anyone experiencing freezes of Plasma after the update?
I can’t get past the splash screen in failsafe mode (desktop backgound shows up, sometimes the task bar, too, but freeze before I can do anything; can’t switch to tty2 neither), in normal mode i freezes shortly after the mouse cursor appears :confused:

There is a bug in Qt qt5-quickcontrols-5.12.1-1
Downgrade to Qt 5.12.0-1

In arch its fixed in qt5-quickcontrols-5.12.1-2

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That didn’t change much, unfortunately, neither did playing with the compisiting backend or turning off autologin in order to switch to another user (freeze as soon as the login turns up). I’ll try to downgrade to Qt 5.12.0 now.
Update: Dowgrading worked!

If you have nvidia GeForce 210 or similar switch from nouveau to nvidia-340xx and upgrade qt.

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If you find other patches that can improve your experience I’m happy to apply them.

Thank you, that worked! And appearantly it also fixed my very annoying crashes of KMail :grinning:

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