Plasma 5.14.2, Applications 18.08.2 and Frameworks 5.51.0 by KDE now available to all Chakra users


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Also available in Italian and Taiwanese Mandarin.

Hey Chakra users!

On your next system upgrade you will receive all the latest versions of KDE’s Plasma , Applications and Frameworks , in addition to the usual package updates. All these have been compiled against the latest Qt 5.11.2.

We make available Plasma 5.14 in its second bug-fix release, a brand new series that introduces many new features to our favorite desktop environment.

For more details and the full changelogs on KDE’s software releases, you can read the official announcements:

With this update, we are also removing from our repositories the kde-runtime and kdelibs packages. To achieve this, we had to remove some outdated and nowadays mostly obsolete applications. Make sure to go through both bug reports to find out more on the packages that have been removed, updated or replaced. As always, we are not forcing this removal to our users, so you will have to manually remove these packages if you no longer need them.

It should be safe to answer yes to any replacement question by the package manager application. If in doubt or if you face another issue in relation to this update, please ask or report it below.

Most of our mirrors take 12-24 hours to synchronize with the central repositories on the origin server . Use the mirror status web page to see when your mirror of choice last synchronized.


Here’s to our work done in 2018, and a great 2019!
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