Plasma 5.10.2, Applications 17.04.2 and Frameworks 5.35.0 by KDE built against Qt 5.9.0 now available in Chakra


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We are in the process of several changes in our infrastructure, so I post this announcement here even though we have not officially switched to this new forum yet. Expect a new announcement for that to follow soon. This instance is already open for registration so go ahead and sign up! :slight_smile:
This announcement is also available in Italian, Spanish and Taiwanese Mandarin.

Chakra users receive the latest versions of KDE’s Plasma, Applications and Frameworks series, built against an upgrade to the latest Qt 5.9.0.

We are also packing a surprise with this update, as our home-grown Heritage theme for Plasma ships with many modern touches by @gnastyle, including a reworked splash screen, lock-screen and shutdown dialog screens, as well as several icon enhancements.

Plasma 5.10.2 provides additional bugfixes to the many new features and changes that were introduced with the brand new Plasma 5.10 series.

Make sure to watch the video demonstration for a quick preview of all the new features:

As always with stability updates, Applications 17.04.2 and Frameworks 5.35.0 include a month’s worth of bugfixes and improvements.

Other notable package upgrades and changes shipped in our repositories with this update include:


  • pacman-mirrorlist 20170609 with a new mirror in Germany by
  • ffmpeg 3.2.5
  • mobile-broadband-provider-info 20170310


  • wine 2.10

It should be safe to answer yes to any replacement question by Pacman. If in doubt or if you face another issue in relation to this update, please ask or report it below.

Most of our mirrors take 12-24h to synchronize, after which it should be safe to upgrade. To be sure, please use the mirror status page to check that your mirror synchronized with our main server after this announcement.

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