Plans on updating PHP to version 7.1

Are there any plans on updating the php package (from the core repo) to PHP 7.1?

Would it make sense to prepare a ccr package for it?

I’m guessing this is related?

PHP 7.1 is already available in our [testing] repository (version 7.1.7, exactly), so you just have to wait for it to land in stable, which should happen quite soon.

According to our CCR guidelines, a package that “[…]is inside any of those repositories in any form” must not be uploaded to CCR. Adding to the CCR a package with same name, and different version, as one in the official repositories could cause conflicts once the user updates the system, so it is forbidden.

That said, if you think you have skills in packages’ creation/maintaining, you can apply to become a CCR Trusted User, which is the first step to become an official packager.
Any help is always appreciated :wink:


Awesome! Thanks for the update

I will read the guidelines and apply, I’d love to contribute to this project.

Thanks for your response!


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