PHP 5.6 removed due to being EOL

Short news:
php 5.6.x has been removed from [core] since EOL upstream, you have to switch to php 7.1.

Expect the switch to 7.2 or 7.3 in the future.

Please don’t remove PHP 5.6 … even if in PHP timeline 5.x are marked EOL, in the real world all applications are not rewrite for the moment. I speak from a professionnal view … in my company all the new developpements are made with PHP7.x but all the old applications are always with php5.x and they continue to leave like that for a moment, with code adjustement for small improvements.
Can a simple IgnorePkg = php56 in my pacman.conf will be enough to prevent loosing my php5 ? How long this option will be stable ?

I removed from our repo the php56 packages. You don’t need to use the IgnorePkg since we haven’t forced the upgrade with php7.1.
If you have installed php56 you don’t have to do nothing.
I can move the php56 PKGBUILD to ccr so you can always use it.


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