.pacnew files not announced

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I usually check all messages at package update looking for errors, warnings and of course the announcement of new versions of config files, which usually are marked .pacnew when the original file has been changed. Since I tweek my system a lot, adding things to or deleting from config files it is important to apply the changes made by the maintainers. Unfortunately these .pacnew files seem not to be announced anymore during the update process. At least I did not see any announcement during the last months, but encountered quite a few new ones on my system. One example /etc/libreoffice/sofficerc.pacnew dating from December 28th 2918. BTW, this and /etc/libreoffice/bootstraprc.pacnew I had not even touched before.

I would appreciate to be notices about new versions of configuration or other files during the update process of packages, if they end up in a .pacnew file in order to merge them with the changed ones.

(totte) #2

If there is no output when those files are created, please report the issue here, as it’s most likely broken and need to be fixed.

(Knut Hildebrandt) #3

Sorry for not understanding, shall I report the general issue or each missing .pacnew file announcement. The latter will be difficult since I often notice the new files months later.

(totte) #4

From PACMAN(8)

Pacman uses the same logic as rpm to determine action against files that are designated to be backed up. During an upgrade, three MD5 hashes are used for each backup file to determine the required action: one for the original file installed, one for the new file that is about to be installed, and one for the actual file existing on the file system. After comparing these three hashes, the follow scenarios can result:

original=X, current=X, new=X
All three files are the same, so overwrites are not an issue. Install the new file.

original=X, current=X, new=Y
The current file is the same as the original, but the new one differs. Since the user did not ever modify the file, and the new one may contain improvements or bug fixes, install the new file.

original=X, current=Y, new=X
Both package versions contain the exact same file, but the one on the file system has been modified. Leave the current file in place.

original=X, current=Y, new=Y
The new file is identical to the current file. Install the new file.

original=X, current=Y, new=Z
All three files are different, so install the new file with a .pacnew extension and warn the user. The user must then manually merge any necessary changes into the original file.

original=NULL, current=Y, new=Z
The package was not previously installed, and the file already exists on the file system. Install the new file with a .pacnew extension and warn the user. The user must then manually merge any necessary changes into the original file.

Emphasis mine. If the scenarios match with yours and you do not get said warning, it is a bug. I’d suggest that you create a new issue for the package core/pacman (the general issue), and provide your findings as examples (each missing .pacnew file announcement/warning/message).

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