Pacman mirrors : do I have the good ones?

(Jerome) #1

After reinstalling Chakra, I am not sure I have the good mirrors for Pacman repositories. Because in octopi I can only have Firefox 57.0.1-1. Enable testing repository change nothing.
I have the same results via konsole.

Where can I find the list of mirrors for pacman ?

pacman.log (180.9 KB)

mirrorlist.txt (299 Bytes)


(tom) #2

mirrors are in the package pacman-mirrors
to install:

sudo pacman -S pacman-mirrorlist

and then is it located in


(Jerome) #3

I found


I renamed it in


And in a konsole:

sudo pacman -Syu

Result: 1441.31 MiB to download

(system) #4

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