Our new website and a new sponsorship

After several weeks of work, our new website “Mélange” is finally ready. The outside is somewhat similar to what was before - but the inside is vastly different! Instead of manual, finicky deployments and installation of dependencies such as RDBMSs, caching, … , - nearly everything is now automated. This makes it a breeze for newcomers to join in and contribute as well!

To make it even better, we proudly announce that we have a new sponsor: Datadog!

They will provide us with monitoring and analytics solutions which will come in handy for both existing services and especially this new website! To give you an appetizer of what they help us learn (and a glimpse of the work behind the scenes) see our public dashboard!


I like it, it’s elegant and minimalist :slightly_smiling_face:

The mirror status page https://www.chakralinux.org/?mirrorstatus seems to have gotten lost in the update. It’s like a copy of the main page at https://www.chakralinux.org.

Edit: I reported a bug at https://code.chakralinux.org/chakra/websites/melange/issues/98 .


When hovering above the images/screenshots, I get a text saying “project name”. It would be nice to change that into something that corresponds to what the image is displaying.


Thank you for the comments. Please follow the above example, and report bugs or post feature requests in the issue tracker. I’ll close this topic to avoid further confusion.