Octopi notifier baked into octopi and not disable-able?

Is the fact that octopi notifier is now basically built into the octopi package an upstream thing or is that a Chakra packaging choice? There seems to be no way to turn it off. (The separate octopi-notifier package still exists but the octopi package conflicts with and replaces this package.)

I realize that it is just that I am a grumpy old man that I don’t want this functionality and am annoyed by nanny software which is one of the reasons I escaped to linux. :^) Anyway not a big deal, I’m just asking in case I’m missing the option to turn it off, and want to know if I should go be a grumpy old man on the Octopi issues system.

You can just disable it in autostart I think.

That’s not what exactly what you are looking for, but in the Notifier’s Options you should have tab Updates where you can select “Never”, maybe that would be enough?