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In order to connect to the VPN at work I have to use the Fortinet client.

I used to use the forticlient-deb package present on CCR, which has been working until now without any issues.

After the last major upgrade to plasma of few weeks ago, if I’m not wrong netwrokmanager has been update too and now I’m having some problem. For some reason when I connect to the VPN through forticlient-deb, my WiFi connection start to have problem, networkmanger start to use a lot of CPU and normally the connection drop after a few second, before to reconnect again.

Sometimes this kind of behaviour can also cause a crash of networkmanager.

I checked if there are newer version of forticlient-deb, there are, but they do not support the SSLVPN connection on linux.

An alternative is openfortigui: I wanted to import the package on CCR, but for some reason I am not able to compile the PKGBUILD, the build failed at some point.

I found out in the option of networkmanager that it is possible to setup a FortinetSSLVPN. I tried, but when I connect to it, it tells me that there is a missing VPN extention. I found on AUR the package networkmanager-fortisslvpn-git, which is absent from the Chakra repo. I try to add it on CCR, but again I got a problem with the package dependencies. It depende among the other on the package "nm-connection-editor, which has a lot of gtk dependencies for networkmanager, similar to the qt-version that we have in chakra. So I am bit stucked.

Any suggestion?
Let me know if you need additional details.

Thanks a lot!!!

first you need to compile and install libnma, grab the PKGBUILD from Arch.

as this is used in the netwokmanager plugin

compile and install openfortivpn

then, compile and install networkmanager-fortisslvpn-git

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Thanks for the suggestion and for the help.
I had already tried to do what you said but I was getting stuck when trying to compile libnma and I was thinking it was some kind of problem of conflict between gtk-dependencies and qt-dependencies.

I tried again today and I found out that in the PKGBUILD I had replaced arch-meson with meson instead of using chakra-meson.
Now it works, I manage to compile and install everything…and after fighting a bit with the parameters of the VPN not I can connect again. Really happy that now everything work directly integrated in network-manager.

I update the package on CCR, but the libnma is actually a multiple-package and CCR tells me that they are not supported. Do I have to split the PKGBUILD in 3 different ones, right?

I’ll try later this afternoon. If I don’t have any other problem, I’ll mark the topic as resolved.

Thanks again!

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I was looking into the PKGBUILD needed to install libnma. I need to split it into three because it actually install 3 different packages, and CCR does not support multiple-packages through the same PKGBUILD.

Unfortunately I’m not really practical with PKGBUILD files, I tried to modify it but it does not work, could someone give me some suggestion on how to do it?

I attached the PKGBUILD.

Thanks a lot!

PKGBUILD.txt (2.7 KB)

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