Movin libraries breaks system update and gereration of initramfs

(Knut Hildebrandt) #1

During todays update there occurred an error message saying that the system could not be updated 'cause these files already existed in the file system:


All of these were links, probably to libraries of the same name in /usr/sbin. After deleting these links update went through and now the libraries reside in /usr/bin, what causes another problem. At the end of the update initramfs was rebuild and during this process these errors were thrown:

-> Running build hook: [encrypt]

==> ERROR: file not found: `/sbin/dmsetup’

-> Running build hook: [lvm2]

==> ERROR: file not found: `/usr/sbin/lvm’

==> ERROR: file not found: `/usr/sbin/lvmetad’

==> ERROR: file not found: `/usr/sbin/dmsetup’

In my opinion either the libs should be moved back or should be linked back to /usr/bin. Or the respective hooks have to be updated too? No idea what would be the preferable solution. Mine was linking the libraries back.

Anyhow the whole update process was broken by moving the libraries to the now location, which should be fixed too. BTW, this was not first time that moving libraries broke the update process and I had to delete files manually. It happens every once in a while, but I did not report it yet since the solution is obvious and easy.

(totte) #2

According to you created those links yourself.

Since you already solved your issue and there already is a report about this at, please continue there.

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