Mesa libglvnd support enabled in Chakra

Since the beginning of April we prepared the xorg and mesa groups with libglvnd enabled.
First of all we need to explain what libglvnd stands for and the impact it has on the final user.

NVIDIA introduces libglvnd in this way:

libglvnd is a vendor-neutral dispatch layer for arbitrating OpenGL API calls between multiple vendors. It allows multiple drivers from different vendors to coexist on the same filesystem, and determines which vendor to dispatch each API call to at runtime.

All clear? :joy: But what does this it means for you?
mesa and nvidia drivers will be able to coexist on the same system. libglvnd will provide libgl support and is a layer over mesa and nvidia. bumblebee will not work with nouveau anymore but prime can be used instead.

So in the case of dual graphics card, you can use:

  • bumblebee with intel/nvidia
  • PRIME with intel/nouveau

Please test this extensively and post your feedback in this thread.


I confirm my problem with nvidia+intel configuration:

  • bumblebee works: I’m able to run applications with both intel and nvidia cards
  • I’m not able to turn off nvidia card, in ANY way. It is on from boot and results always used. rmmmod doesn’t work, even forcing it. I tried to use from TTY but same problem.

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