Linux 4.19.26 and Plasma 5.15.2 are now available

Also available in Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

The following updates have been tested, and are now available in the stable repositories: [core], [desktop], [lib32], and [gtk].

Name Version Release date Link to issue/epic
Plasma 5.15.2-1 2019-02-12 #168
cryptsetup 1.7.5-2 N/A #174
device-mapper 2.02.167-4 N/A #175
lvm2 2.02.167-4 N/A #175
linux 4.19.26-1 N/A #176

Most of our mirrors synchronize with the central repositories on the origin server within 24 hours. Use the mirror status web page to see when your mirror of choice last synchronized. Run sudo pacman -Syu to update and upgrade your system. If you have any issues updating or upgrading, reply to this topic with the complete input and output in English, i.e. run LC_ALL=C sudo pacman -Syu.