Latest testing status [16 April 2018 - 1 May 2018]

A new round of updates in our testing repository has just began.

First to land is the brand new Applications 18.04.0 series which should be released officially on April 19th.

I will update this post as more packages worth mentioning are updated.


Just updated and reboot.

Atm I found only one thing: in dolphin the folder view setting is reset. Every folder is showed with preview.
It can be easily restored by the users, but could be annoying for someone.

@dinolib this only happens the first time right? it’s worth checking if it’s reported upstream and if not, open a bug report.

Everything fine here, I only I get this warning but @AlmAck is aware and it should be fixed in the following hours: warning: kdelibs: local (4.14.38-6) is newer than testing (4.14.38-1).

Yes, first time. Maybe some config file is overwritter during update. But let’s check is other testr have the same issue.

The same here -> UPDATE: fixed

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I’m having a weird issue with global menu widget misbehaving after this upgrade, can someone replicate?
I tried removing the widget but nothing changed, resizing the panel doesn’t help much either.

Also dolphin started crashing from time to time, not sure what I do that causes this.

Update: I did some research and it looks like this happens on other distros as well, so most likely an upstream issue.

This has now moved into stable repositories.