Latest status of the [testing] repository

Hi everyone,

We will try to keep this thread updated with all the latest package updates and changes that land into testing, as well as share news on what is planned next.

This should particularly interest our @testers (if you have the [testing] repo enabled, do join this group!) but it can be useful to all Chakra users that want to keep an eye on what’s to come.

When important updates occur, we will probably start a dedicated thread where you can report issues before they reach stable. For minor and bugfix releases we will just update you here on their availability, as there are rarely any issues.


So currently in [testing], in addition to the usual package upgrades, you will find Applications 17.04.3 and Frameworks 5.36 by KDE.

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Plasma 5.10.4 also available in [testing] now.

If no issues come up, expect everything to move to stable during the weekend.


This has finally landed in testing hours ago:

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KDE Applications 17.08 are now available. Several applications are reintroduced as they have now been ported to Frameworks 5 and as usual lots of bugfixes and enhacements.

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KDE Plasma 5.10.5, the final bugfix release for the 5.10 series, is now also available.

Current plan is to move xorg,kernel and drivers to stable sometime next week as no major issues have been reported so far. If that goes well, then Plasma and Applications will move to stable a few days after.


You can now upgrade to KDE’s Applications 17.08.1 and Frameworks 5.38.

You might have noticed we are delaying a bit the move of some package groups into stable. The issue is that we do not want to move the xorg/kernel/drivers group without having an ISO in some beta testing. This also delays the move of KDE packages into stable, as they are built against those versions.

But a first beta of a new ISO is already cooking, so it shouldn’t be long!


Waiting for the new ISO :slight_smile: .i have a little problem with testing /black screen/ i fixedit with new user and some plasma package reinstall,but i think should be install a new system /after 3 years :)/

you can test the new beta if you want :sunglasses:

there is no need for reinstalling chakra because its rolling^^

If creating another user resolves a problem, this usually means there is a problem with some local configuration or cache you need to clean up.

These are experimental builds that will eventually lead to a beta. It’s great that you are interested in development and any feedback is welcome, but I would advise you to wait until we have a proper beta release out and have made a call for testing.

In any case, let’s keep the focus on the testing repository here, feel free to start a new thread to further discuss other things.

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almack asked me for testing and so i thought this iso is for testing^^

for bug hunting release iso for testing early because we need a reliable installation media.
for testing is every fail welcome and also success because every input is important to find bugs and possible a work around.
could you remember the last installation drama? it is vital to know such show stopper…

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Thank you,but waining a beta iso ;)…soon maybe :wink:

lib32-nss needs nss 3.22

What to do with this? It may be posted somewhere but it’s hard to find anything in this new site.

Here it is:

On testing you can se from time to time this issues, we are aware of them because most of our devs are on testing. We will fix asap.

Thanx. This issue was here days ago, i just did not get here to report it. :slight_smile:

New goodies just landed into testing:

Enjoy :smiley:

Here the update went fine. At the moment no issues to be reported. :+1:

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it seems everything is fine after the upgrade

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Icon-Only Task Manager is all over the place.
Pinned icons no longer stay put, they move to the end of the row when the corresponding application is being launched, and to a completely different, random position in the row upon closing the application.
Before the upgrade, they simply stayed where I’d put them, which is what I’d expect.

Definite showstopper in my book.

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