Latest status of the testing repository [ to 22 May 2020 ]

Hi @testers,

The following update were made to test our new Gitlab automation workflow

  • Qt5 toolkit is updated from 5.13.2-2 -> 5.14.1-3
  • Plasma is updated from 5.17.3-1 ->
  • KDE Frameworks is updated from 5.64.0-2 -> 5.68.0-2
  • Plasma Applications is updated from 19.08.3-1 -> 19.12.3-1

Noted that manual intervention is required

  • Qt5 is now installed as in /usr/lib/qt instead of /usr/lib/qt5, which would conflicts with qt4 package on your system, please make sure all your manual installed packages (from CCR for example) are cleaned up or upgrade to qt5 varient and remove qt package via pacman -Rnscc qt before performing upgrade
  • A missing soname link from libspnav is now included, please overwrite the exist file on filesystem created by ldconfig by pacman -Syu --overwrite /usr/lib/
  • Missing soname links from nss and lib32-nss each are now included, please overwrite the file on filesystem during upgrade by pacman -Syu --overwrite /usr/lib\*/ for more info, check Arch’s News
  • The last two command can be combined into pacman -Syu --overwrite /usr/lib/ --overwrite /usr/lib\*/

Please report any issues you come across with this or future updates that land in testing in this period below or on our bugtracker .

Thank you as always!


Hi, it seems kmail is still at 19.08.3-1

testing/kmail-account-wizard 19.12.3-1 [installed]
testing/kmail-account-wizard-debug 19.12.3-1
testing/kmailtransport 19.12.3-1 [installed]
testing/kmailtransport-debug 19.12.3-1
core/akonadi-import-wizard 19.08.3-1 [installed]
core/kmail 19.08.3-1 (kde kde-uninstall kde-applications kdepim) [installed]
core/kmail-account-wizard 19.08.3-1 (kde kde-uninstall kde-applications kdepim) [installed: 19.12.3-1]
core/kmail-account-wizard-debug 19.08.3-1
core/kmail-debug 19.08.3-1
core/kmailtransport 19.08.3-1 [installed: 19.12.3-1]
core/kmailtransport-debug 19.08.3-1

and after updates, kmail crashes with the following error:

kmail: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: _ZN4KPIM23ProgressIndicatorWidgetC1EP7QWidget

Great news, thank you!

It looks like cmake and Qt5 5.14.1 packages are not in [testing] but in [staging] currently, causing these warnings:

warning: cmake: local (3.17.0-1) is newer than core (3.16.4-1)
warning: qt5-base: local (5.14.1-2) is newer than core (5.13.2-2) 

Also, these packages are missing

warning: cannot resolve "kquickcharts", a dependency of "plasma5-applets-latte-dock"
warning: cannot resolve "python3-toml", a dependency of "python3-pep517"
warning: cannot resolve "python3-pep517", a dependency of "python3-pip"
:: The following packages cannot be upgraded due to unresolvable dependencies:
      plasma5-applets-latte-dock  python3-pip

PS: bugtracker link should be:

I reached out to @brli on IRC/Matrix but haven’t gotten a reply yet. I’m unlisting this topic for the time being. This was most recently adressed in Testing crashes [2020-03-31].

This was not made to test anything – it was done with the intent to update said software.

No, please read the two sentences in How to become a tester that explains what to do:

Please do not create new issues for merge requests – it’s redundant and unproductive.

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