Latest status of the testing repository [18 March 2018 - 5 April 2018]

(Neofytos Kolokotronis) #1

Hi @testers,

The long awaited upgrade to pacman 5 finally lands in Chakra.

New versions of the linux kernels and nvidia drivers are also now available.

There is an issue concerning the jack 2 package which tries to replace jack at the moment. Please wait until this is resolved before upgrading.

(tom) #2

everything is fine it seems :blush:

(Neofytos Kolokotronis) #3

Seems to be fine for me as well.

I came across a problem with virtualbox-host-dkms but after rebooting and reinstalling everything is back to normal.

Installing VirtualBox host DKMS modules
Error! echo
Your kernel headers for kernel 4.14.15-1-CHAKRA cannot be found at usr/lib/modules/4.14.15-1-CHAKRA/build or /usr/lib/modules/4.14.15-1-CHAKRA/source.

Virtualbox not running anymore after upgrading to kernel 4.14.15-1-CHAKRA
(kepszlok) #4

All ok here. I’m happy. :slight_smile:

(Rémy Epke) #5

Haven’t gotten round to updating the testing box for a couple of days, I still see jack2 wanting to replace jack, but you struck through that part of your message. Am I to interpret that as jack2 wanting to replace jack now being A Good Thing™?

(kepszlok) #6

Back in the good old days, the installation of freshplayerplugin did replaced jack with jack2 for me in all of my computers around 2016. Since then, i have only jack2 package installed.

(Neofytos Kolokotronis) #7

Yes, my understanding is that jack2 has backwards compatibility and can replace jack without issues.

(Neofytos Kolokotronis) #8

The linux kernel was updated to 4.15.14 in the meantime and nvidia to 390.48.

If all goes well these should move into stable sometime next week.

(kepszlok) #9

Seems good here. (i do not have nVidia hardware)

(Neofytos Kolokotronis) closed #10

everything has now moved in the stable repos: Linux kernels, pacman and other [core] packages updated