Latest status of the testing repository [01 Dec 2017 - 07 Jan 2018]

Hi all,

There are only just a couple of packages currently in testing but I started this so you can provide feedback as new packages are added.

@AlmAck is working on Qt 5.10 and KDE Applications 17.12.0, so expect those to be available sometime soon™. :slight_smile:


There are dependency problems atm.

:: Synchronizing package databases…
lib32 is up to date
core is up to date
desktop is up to date
gtk is up to date
:: Starting full system upgrade…
resolving dependencies…
looking for conflicting packages…
error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: lib32-libxcursor: requires libxcursor=1.1.14
:: lib32-openssl: requires openssl=1.0.2.m
:: lib32-wayland: requires wayland=1.12.0

We have libxcursor, openssl 1.0.2.n-1 wayland 1.14.0-1.

True, I tried to move testing into stable a couple of days ago so it can be emptied for the upcoming Qt and Apps 17.12. But things did not go well as the script we use in the buildsystem seems to have a bug, that resulted in some files getting stuck in testing.

@AlmAck is looking into it, but due to the holidays everything is a bit delayed.

Happy to report that thanks to @AlmAck all the dependency issues should be fixed, and our buildsystem issues that caused them as well!

KDE’s Applications 17.12.0 and Frameworks 5.41.0 are now available, built against the new Qt 5.10.0. Enjoy!

Bomi is broken for me, other than that everything works as should so far.

Yep, problems are fixed. Happy new year to all :slight_smile:

Plasma 5.11.5 is now available.

Expect current testing to move into stable in the weekend if nothing comes up.

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Closed as everything has moved into stable. Expect a new thread as new packages start arriving in testing.