Konversation fails to join protected (+r) channels on Freenode

I want to bring you to your attention what I found today.
With the upcoming KDE applications 18.08 I started experiencing some login issues in my channels with konversation. I saw a bug report on kde issue tracker and that explained very quickly the problem.

The error message I saw during login was:

[Channel] Cannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services

The main problem is not related to konversation itself, but the way the login sequence is performed.
Albert in his blog explained very well the problem and how to solve it. The solution is to move from the normal “NickServer” authentication to SASL as explained here.

Have fun with konversation! and visit our channels #chakra #chakra-devel or stay in touch with our community at: https://matrix.to/#/+chakra:matrix.org

Due to reports of ongoing harassment and abuse from unregistered users taking place in the #chakra and #chakra-devel channels on freenode, I set +r on both channels on 2018-08-01.

Also see this post by a freenode staff member on the subject.

Yesterday (2018-08-28) I set -r on the #chakra and #chakra-devel channels on freenode, to see if the situation has improved.

Today (2018-08-30) I set +r again on the #chakra and #chakra-devel channels on freenode, since the abuse is still ongoing.

Also note that all new connections are set to user mode +R (block private messages from unidentified users) by the network and will be scanned for vulnerabilities. This will not harm your computer, and vulnerable hosts will be notified.

Note that the #chakra and #chakra-devel channels on freenode are bridged to the chakra and chakra contributors rooms on matrix, respectively. This means that if you use matrix (e.g. via riot) you may get the error IRC error on #chakra: err_needreggednick when trying to join the room.

To resolve this, start a private conversation with the IRC Application Service (@appservice-irc:matrix.org) and set your nick with !nick your_username_here. Then start a private conversation with NickServ (IRC) (@freenode_NickServ:matrix.org), and identify yourself as you normally would with identify your_password_here.

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