Kernel panic after upgrading after a fresh install: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)

Hardware information
Both suggested commands for hardward information hang.

It is an ASUS gaming laptop, one of those with both an Intel an a NVIDIA card. It has two disks, HD (sda) and SSD (sdb).

During installation, I choose manual partitioning as follows:
sda1 mounted as /home without formatting (other sda partitions contain an evil system)
sdb1 is a small FAT32, selected to mount as /boot/efi and to format (May this be the cause?!)
sdb2 is a swap
sdb3 is an ext4 selected to mount as / and format

After installation, everything works perfectly.

If I open a Konsole and run “sudo pacman -Syyuu”, after the initial package download, once the actual upgrades start, the screen goes black with a non-blinking cursor on the top left corner; the cursor is still working, though.

If I run “sudo pacman -Syyuu && reboot”, I eventually get shutdown feedback about the SDDM job not terminating, I perform a hardware shutdown, and upon reboot, I get the Kernel panic message described on the topic title:

(it does not seem to have anything to do with Kernel panic after update)

this isn’t a good idea because if something get wrong you can’t fix it and i think there is a message in the pacman.log that mkinitcpio failed or so.

there are two threads wit the same problem.
try this:

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