Kernel 4.13.11 is now available in [testing]


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The kernel 4.13.x lands in testing.
The most noticeable Changes & Features Of The Linux 4.13 Kernel for our users are:

  • The CIFS behavior in kernel 4.13 defaults to SMB3 as opposed to SMB1, which was the default in previous kernels. SMB is a protocol used to access and share files, printers, and other services over a network, and the reason for the switch is that SMB 1 has aged horribly and is rife with vulnerabilities.

  • The kernel now supports HDMI Stereo 3D output courtesy of the new Nouveau drivers. To be able to enjoy 3D Stereo output, you will of course need hardware (a video card and a display) that supports 3D. Kudos to the Nouveau team.

  • The EXT4 file system now has the largedir feature. This means a single EXT4 directory can now support 2 billion entries, over the prior limitation of 10 million entries of prior kernels.

  • Add the option of compiling the string.h functions with a rough equivalent to the glibc _FORTIFY_SOURCE=1 feature, providing compile-time and runtime buffer overflow checks when the compiler determines the size of the source or destination buffer at compile-time. Unlike glibc, it covers buffer reads in addition to writes.

Full list of changed:

Latest status of the testing repository [23 Oct 2017 - 30 Nov 2017]
Boost, glib2 and python3 group updates are now available in [testing]
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Please, if possible upgrade bumblebee plasma applet to version 0.4, since now I get unwanted text on status bar

(Luca Giambonini) #3

done, on stable

(dinolib) #4

Thank you Luca. Unfortunately the issue with bumblebee applet is the same… Maybe it’s because of plasma update.

Nvidia is still active even after 4.13 kernel update.

The only way I found at the moment is to force blacklisting for nvidia (install nvidia /bin/false) at boot. Then comment this line in blacklist.conf and load nvidia with modprobe.
I don’t know if the problem comes from plasma or system configuration.

(Francesco Marinucci) #5

I think it comes from a system configuration issue, since I have no problems at all with my nvidia card and bumblebee indicator.

(dinolib) #6

I’d pay to know which one! :thinking:

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This morning at work I’ll update with new testing kernel.
Because I make large use of SMB, there is something to know before update and use SMB3?
Thank you…

EDIT: I just upgraded the machine. At the moment Samba seems to work

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